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  • alene - 6 years ago

    Rock a lil Balmain can't get that out my head - hey ncm dinero

  • Lorraine anderson - 6 years ago

    Not saying this because of my son but I love their style and I'm old school. Please pass it on. Vote. Slick.

  • Richard Mosley - 6 years ago

    Now that rap music serious video keep doing your thing

  • Valerie Bailey - 7 years ago

    Very nice Taylo, Love the beat video is good. People at work dance they love the beat.
    The beat get your body moving. Good job DMV..

  • Swann - 7 years ago

    Video nice cuzz!! Great quality! ????????

  • Chris - 7 years ago

    Nice video and great song bruh keep pushing

  • Barbie T - 7 years ago


  • Sherri Davis - 7 years ago

    Taylor She Proper video is hot. The video represents the song and it looks professionally done. I give the video and song a thumbs up. I would love to hear a radio version of the song.

  • Tamekia - 7 years ago

    Hey nephew. Keep shinning

  • Ea$¥ Pr0phyt - 8 years ago

    Megatron is straight ????????????????

  • Hargis - 8 years ago

    *The video is Fire bro!

  • Hargis - 8 years ago

    My boy Chase ULTRA always come through with the good music. And the video is ???????????? Represent Baltimore bro! #Phenomz

  • Erica - 8 years ago

    I love plutos music. I can't believe he's only 16.

  • Murk - 8 years ago

    Hot !! Video and song !!!! I have know this cat for 15 years and he is a great writer and artist !!! This record should be on radio !!! Much Love!!

  • anthony moore - 8 years ago

    Stir we go way back since high school my friend. I always have and always will support youre grind because u have true natural talent. Love u bro.. And keep putting out ya tracks.. Man I just wish u were more mainstream so the whole world could heat what great talent bmore has to offer.. We need.. The industry needs more talent like youres

  • Angela Griggs - 8 years ago

    Stir is 1 of my true friends and I would love to here this joint played on here

  • Sevon - 8 years ago

    Lonnie Moore is the truth! A lot of dope MCs in Baltimore, I know my share and he right up there.

  • Teyona - 8 years ago

    Twon keep grinding and doin your thing ????????????

  • Jason Eury - 9 years ago

    Billy Lyve is an incredible talent. Respect his grind, which continues to inspire. His music & acclaim will only continue to grow. If you are unfamiliar, you better learn. Much Love. I see you Billy!! Great track. #WCE Rules!!!

  • vicki - 9 years ago

    You're gonna make it the top hon'. You been grinding since day 1.

  • Sam Hope - 9 years ago

    Billy Lyve is the truth! #WisdomCourt #Freemindz #Allday

  • Mary Warren - 9 years ago

    Billy is always on point!!! Been listening to his music since I was youngin!!! Keep doing ya thing Billy!!! WCE forever!!! Much love to you and yours fam! Now Bmore stand up and support!!!

  • Jason - 9 years ago

    Ata boy Bill! One of the hardest working dudes I know.

  • Jessica - 9 years ago

    LOVE this song and video!! Billy Lyve is amazing!! So happy to see how far he has come and anxious to see how much further he will go!

  • Rose - 9 years ago

    Hell yeah Billy Lyve "The Craze"! Some great underground hip hop that needs to be recognized!

  • MD - 9 years ago

    I like this joint. Straight hip hop, straight underground sound. The game needs more of this

  • YaYa - 9 years ago

    I have been following this dude since he released his first Closer To My Dreams Mixtape. Now, he has CTMD 3 runnin' the streets now. The hardest mixtape out. I cant wait to see his dreams come true, when he goes global. #DC_SouthEast

  • RealTalk - 9 years ago

    I had to look up this young fella, after viewing this video. I can say I haven't heard music like this in a long time. Baltimore is known for not supporting there own. But on the real, they need to support this dude right here. Because, his flow is crazy. To be honest he will make Bmore shine in a more positive way. So, show some support 92Q and play his music on air. #FromVA

  • Duck - 9 years ago

    Bout time somebody made music I can understand . this some real shit cuh keep It up yo you getting closer and closer to ya dreams everyday #ctmd

  • cindy green - 9 years ago

    The grind doesn't stop of the hardest working guys I know..bmore if you want to be more original support Lil Nay..

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