Are you sticking with Apple Music?

  • Spas - 6 years ago

    @Gatordoc I assume you are trolling but Apple music most certainly works over cellular, I used it daily.

  • Charles - 6 years ago

    Am I the only one who just sticks to an iPod Classic and doesn´t use a streaming service?
    I feel as this new trend is really dumb.

  • CaptPostMod - 6 years ago

    Instead of "Switching to" I'd prefer a poll that says "I prefer" as I'm not really switching to another service so much as I never decided to switch to Apple Music as my main source of streaming in the first place. Apple Music was just a summer fling, so I'm not "switching" from it back to my regular service.

  • Bill - 6 years ago

    I am hoping that Siri will again become usable for music selection when I cancel. To push this service, Apple forces Siri to serve up streaming music even when you already have the music on your phone (unless you add "in My Music" to the command). For the kind of music I listen to, this results in increased network data use and having to listen to the mostly inferior versions which Apple streams. I find it a real disadvantage.

  • Dave - 6 years ago

    Agree with Emman. I will continue using free iTunes radio or Pandora. iTunes radio should be one of the choices.

  • Gatordoc - 6 years ago

    Apple Music only works with Wifi so I didn't even bother trying it. All other streaming services I use works over cellular.

  • Felix - 6 years ago

    I'm switching back to Spotify full time (had both Apple Music and Spotify). Catalog size is not a problem, they both have more or less the same amount of songs. The problem with Apple Music is the UX. The navigation is just not intuitive. Another problem I find is that with the same internet connection, streaming any song is just quicker in Spotify. Songs start playing almost immediately. Not so in Apple Music. And then the desktop app... Apple is probably working on a stand-alone Apple Music app, so nobody is forced to use iTunes to access Apple Music. And if they aren't working on it, they should be. iTunes is just so slow and UX again, is bad. I was 100% convinced that Apple Music would be my music streaming service, but after the trial, I feel Apple has a long way to go to match Spotify's usability. Back to Spotify it is.

  • Walter - 6 years ago

    I won't pay for Apple Music, unless they set a sensible price in the UK; it's silly how at the moment it's by far the most expensive in the world.

  • Mark - 6 years ago

    I want to like Apple music, as there is nothing wrong with the content itself.
    However the music app used for it, is just terrible.

  • Mark Travis - 6 years ago

    Hey Apple, let me know when you start streaming hi-res (SACD equivalent or perhaps something using the new Meridian algorithm and I'll be back).

  • E9 - 6 years ago

    I really wanted to keep Apple Music, but I can't bring myself to do it when it doesn't completely work for me. I have over 25,000 songs in my library, so I can't save any more songs, albums or created playlists to My Music. Whenever Apple decides to raise the limit (as promised), I'll definitely switch back to Apple Music. Until then, Spotify has my money.

  • Emman - 6 years ago

    I'm surprised you didn't show the option, "I'm switching back to iTunes Radio"! Remember that free service from Apple? It doesn't let you choose your songs, but you have lots of control over the type of music, and it's free!!!

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