What should the new black character's name be on FTWD?


  • v-real - 7 years ago


  • I'm Just Sayin - 7 years ago

    I really like Fear The Walking Dead mainly because it has really done a good job developing the characters. I think Fear the Walking Dead benefits from showing the apocalypse at the beginning.

    That brings me to "Always Bet on Black." Dude is already adapting to this new world which means he is clearly a psychopath as one of your smart listeners pointed out. He is smooth. Has the charisma. Was obviously street smart (knew Nick was a heroine addict) but he had to have had a well paying profession (Armani suit, diamond cuff links, expensive watch). The apocalypse was made for him to prosper.

    Nick reminds me of Glenn. Young kid that wasn't really doing much with his life prior to the apocalypse (I think Glenn was a pizza delivery guy). Both were not living to their full potential. Both are really scrappy, quick-thinking, and resourceful. Nick just needs to kick the drugs and get a mentor. Unfortunately, "Always Bet On Black" is no Dale. This feels like the Governor taking on Glenn as a protege which is really intriguing.

    Also, everyone is all for Maddie, but I'm concerned. It took Rick a while before he started letting people get tortured for information like that. Its only been 9 days. Maddie is already clicking off that part of her brain. "Always Bet on Black" may not be the only Governor like character. I could see her doing something fucked up if she never finds Nick and then runs into Liza.

    Anyway...great episode of the podcast.

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