Does Lucy need a formal name to match James/Jack and Elizabeth/Ellie?


  • Sheri - 8 years ago

    No, Lucy is great as is. My granny was named Lucy, and 40 years after the fact I still regret not naming my own daughter Lucy.

  • Matthew - 8 years ago

    Hello Jen. I am the proud father of a 2 year old little girl named Lillian, but my wife and I call her Lilly. I also very much love the name Lucy and have been racking my brain with the exact same issue., as we are having another girl in a few months. It has most definitely been decided that we will call her Lucy, but I feel that since my older daughter has a more formal name but we call her by her nickname that I should do the same for Lucy. So this is why I say yes give her a name that is a bit more formal. I also beleive that it will be a bit better for my child in the future when she becomes a little lawyer or predident... Lol....that she have a bit more of a professional sounding name. This is only my opinion and I hope it may help a bit. Best of luck to you and yours Jen.

    Matthew (Matt) Kimble.

  • Fiona - 8 years ago

    I said 'maybe', because the most important thing on naming your child is that you like the name. However, if you can find a longer version for which 'Lucy' can be a nickname, then why not follow your naming tradition? My opinion, which I offer only because you have written in and asked, is that'Lucy' is a sweet girlish name, and your grown up daughter may benefit from /enjoy a mature option, at work, etc.

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