'Arrow': Whose body is in the '6 Months Later' grave?


  • horselover - 6 years ago

    It can't be Felicity, because she was in the vehicle with Oliver! My vote is Felicity's mom! I hope Felicity will walk again and get pregnant with Oliver's baby! I hope it is twins or a single baby! I want the gender/s to be a surprise!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • A-thought - 6 years ago

    It doesn't matter who's in the grave - practically EVERYBODY that dies on this show comes back to life!!

  • Jared Buchholz - 7 years ago

    Many of you might not know this but it's definitely not Felicity as she's in the car with Oliver. We all know that it isn't Laurel or Diggle because they are both seen in episodes of other shows that perceeds the timeline. I doubt it would be Captain Lance as I doubt Felicity would be THAT broken up about it. I thought it might of been Donna who is felicity's mom. But now they said it was someone who's apart of Team Arrow. So I have to change my vote from Other thinking it was Felicity's mom the Thea because you don't really see her on anymore.

  • Jordan - 7 years ago

    I think it will be Malkum Merlin thea's father.

  • Steph - 7 years ago

    I think that it is felicity's mother because of the way felicity reacted in the final scenes of episode 10 season 4.

  • teemo - 7 years ago

    well nice comments morons.. it is not felicity

  • Lorraine - 7 years ago

    I think it's Felicitys mom

  • David - 7 years ago

    No no no..... I think it's no one from that list it could be Oliver's biological son, William Clayton who is like 6 years old, because Damien Dhark doesn't know who's the green arrow is and he will might still target people that Oliver loves and doing so he might've found out that Oliver has a son.

  • Lucas - 7 years ago

    Oh and to everyone who say it is Sarah, you are wrong. I say that because she left to join the spin off series "DC Legend of Tomorrow". Also Sarah not a strong enough reason to bring Barry out. It someone the would bring Barry out but not to the point of wanting to bring vengeance to whom kill the person. Then the person has to be strong having a strong bond with Oliver to want vengeance. Diggle is another possible person that could be in the grave, but like "Logic" mention 4 weeks ago in a comment that wife would be at his grave much longer than Oliver. Thea .... alright I give that one might be a strong possibly, but I seriously doubt that would bring Barry out. If it was any of the Lance family then the daughter or father would be there rather than Oliver. I say no to Felicity because I think the producer would want to keep Oliver's secret son thing as a drama twist between Felicity and Oliver for later. Also if she die it would bring Barry out, but he would be out on vengeance with Oliver too, and Barry isn't. However since Felicity was shot to what most isn't death, I do think that Felicity being shot at does bring out a possiblity not everyone is seeing. Just assuming that Felicity in a hospital trying to recover the doctor find out that she is pregnant and the shoot out cause a miscarry. Now a bay, belonging to Felicity and Oliver would be enough to bring out Barry and not have him so angry as Oliver. Oliver would be in rage if he found out that Felicity was pregnant and lost it because of the shoot out.

  • Lucas - 7 years ago

    I think It would be Oliver's son since only Barry and Oliver know about it, but after seeing Felicity being shot to what look near death, I came up with a new answer. I honestly don't think it Felicity, but during her near death episode, I will bet that they will find out Felicity was PREGNANT with Oliver's child wand it died. Barry would be there because of the the relationship between Felicity and him and also the relationship between Oliver and him. Plus Barry doesn't look too upset about the death of who in the grave due to the fact that if it was anyone like Felicity then he be in rage somewhat like Oliver. Barry reaction looks as if he is just really sorry for Oliver and pity him a bit. (Not the best choice of word I would used, but you should get the point.) Also the grave site kind of remind me of the same site Oliver's family were buried at. I know Oliver doesn't own that area any more, but still it could be possible.

  • Rodney - 7 years ago

    It cannot be Felicity, that would kill the show and is not a wise decision, to promote the show.
    My thoughts are Lyla or oliver's son. The chief of police (Lance) is an important link, I don't think he will die.

  • #ARROW - 7 years ago

    could be his son and barry is only other one to know so explains why he's there

  • D - 7 years ago

    Just saw the last episode... so probably Felicity... I do think that a lot of people won't enjoy watching arrow anymore if Felicity is dead.

  • Carlos - 7 years ago

    It is his mom or dad grave while felicity is in a coma. That is what I think is gonna happen.

  • Colton - 7 years ago

    Its going to be either Sara or Thea because they both went in the pit and that could effect them badly. Both would effect oliver in a bad way, and Barry is there for support!

  • Logic - 7 years ago

    I can agree that in the first season and a lot of the second the women on this show pissed me off. They were either sending mixed signals, doing the opposite of what they were told (which often got them in sticky situations), or were just plain useless plot/time fillers. After season 3 and what I've seen from the 4th the women run this show just as much/equally than the men do. With improved character development that now allows them to actually do something apart from either being a love interest , an annoying sister... Or a lying, secret keeping, unfaithful mother (harsh but true). With all that being said I get some people don't want to see an edgy DC character become the guy on "the bachelor" or extreme comic-bookist (a term I made up) think he HAS to end up with Laurel but there are certain things I HOPE the writers wouldn't flop on. Regardless of how you feel about her, killing Felicity would leave a sour taste in any fans mouth, even if you don't like her or she's annoying or whatever that would be idiotic to do. You just spent a third of the show watching Oliver be Bruce Wayne mini me, then finally he gets what he wants, is happy and she dies right at the peak of that? As much as you hate her that would just be poor writing. Diggle doesn't make much sense either since I feel like his wife would be at his grave much longer than Oliver. What I mean by that is a wife would be crying at the grave with him, you're telling me she attended the funeral and then gave Oliver a moment alone? In real life that doesn't happen, she would be there with him giving him some speech about how Dig didn't die for nothing. Vice versa if it was Digs wife, he'd be the one next to Oliver not Barry. I thought Thea but he just spent half a season brining her back, Nyssa doesn't work because Oliver wouldn't cry/declare death cause of her. Only theory's I can think of are his newfound son/sons mother or Felicity's mother that would make sense. Lance could be a possibility but he knows the whole teams identities and operation, he's the one they call when they catch ALL the bad guys (the ones cops can help with anyway) and the show just focused on him mourning his dead/not-so-dead daughter, to ironically kill him anyway? Would be shocking but a little disappointing. Sure the new tech guy could replace Felicity but technically Roy could've replaced diggle, and Sara could've replaced laurel when they first were introduced to the show. Roy the new sidekick and Sara the new love interest/black canary. Just because we get new characters does/should not mean we get rid of the old (GOOD) ones.

  • Diana - 7 years ago

    I just don't want it to be Felicity - as to who is in the grave - I want to say diggle but I don't like that choice. Either

  • Jonah - 7 years ago

    its definitely Felicity for Barry to show up and for Oliver to be so emotional but I hope its not her because I love her so much

  • Arbustonator - 7 years ago

    To further add, I know in the comics Oliver and Laurel are "soulmates" but that doesn't feel as real to me anymore as it may have since the first season. The writers went a different route with this Felicity and Oliver plot and I'm a big fan of them changing it up from the comics. I don't expect things to be happy go lucky for them from this point on, they will endure more loss in their field of "work", but why not have them rise above that tragedy and always persevere together and stronger? I'd much rather route for hope and that's what their relationship to me represents.

  • Arbustonator - 7 years ago

    I have no guesses as to whom they'll kill off the show at this time, but I really think it's bad writing for them to kill off Felicity, specifically at this point in time. Doesn't it seem a little too convenient to be Felicity anyway? It definitely has us all wondering and a lot of people think it's going to be her, but I think that's what they want us to think and really why would they want us to know it's her when we have 22 episodes left from this one to find out the truth? I'm very new to this series and binged watched it to current in the last week and half, but this doesn't seem like the right move for the show, for Oliver, for Felicity or the Fans. I think it would be one of those very many TV disappointments.

  • Ang - 7 years ago

    It's going to be Felicity's mom Donna!

  • Adrian - 7 years ago

    It has to be felicity. Laurel Lance is Oliver Queen's true love. Black canary and Green arrow have always been together in the comics so it would only make sense for them to end up back together at some point. Felicity's death would be great for the show cause it can introduce how Oliver and Laurel end up back together and how Oliver gets his company back (Flash already shows us that in the future newspaper that Oliver gets his company back at some point).

  • Nat - 7 years ago


  • M - 7 years ago

    I think its Thea bc she was affected by the Lazarus pit and its has something to do with that but more than anything i hope its not Felicity bc like Oliver is finally happy with her and her dying would break him even more than he was broken by life and omg id b sooo upset of it was Felicity

  • Davis - 7 years ago

    In order for Sara to control herself, she needs to kill people. It really could be anyone, it doesn't even need to be anyone close to Oliver, though Barry probably knows them. Oliver is grieved because he knows that he gave Laurel the idea to bring back Sara with the Lazarus Pit the same as he did with Thea. He is, of course, also grieved by Sara's awful condition.

    I think the person in the grave might be Detective Lance.

  • Fantastic - 7 years ago

    I don't want it to be Felicity but sadly its either her or Thea. Diggle and Lauren will be cast in Legends of Tomorrow so it cant be either of them.

    Only reason you wouldn't think its Felicity is because Flash missed the funeral, for someone that close to him I doubt he would have missed her funeral so it might just be Thea that finally dies.

  • Sarah - 7 years ago

    I think the 6 months later body is Roy's... I mean, he did desapearead last season, Olliver would cry for him and he knew the Flash. Olliver wouldn't stand on he's on feet if the body was Thea's or Felicity for the instance.

  • Sarah - 7 years ago

    It has to be Sarah because who else would oliver cry for? Yes, I know also Felicity but on the IMDB wedsite she is credited for all 23 episodes and this person has to die after 13 episodes. Also we know from the preveiws that Sarah will be brought back to life. We all know Oliver will shead a tear for his past love. So it is Sarah!

  • Josh Kindle - 7 years ago

    After last night's episode i think it might be Sarah. i feel as if Laural will bring her body with them to Nanda Par Bat and bring her back to life in the Larze Pit. So i feel that becasue she has been dead for so long the side affects for bringing her back will be instantanious. She might become bad for a bit but some how turn out good and once that happens she is killed again.

  • Thao - 7 years ago

    It's Ray Palmer. Fast forward 6 months after they defeated ra.

  • Erica - 7 years ago

    Everyone on Team Arrow and Lance can't die. They are big part of the show and it wouldn't be the same if just one of them were lost. Movies and shows based on comics are always changed if needed.

  • Arrow.www.com - 7 years ago

    Guys I'm not aloud to say this but sorry for the spoiler it's filicity

  • Harsha - 7 years ago

    Its none other than RAE.......did you observe in trqiler what felicity said??? she said that RAE is in that position because of her.....Damn sure its RAE

  • Ian - 7 years ago

    The person in the grave is the mother of Oliver's child that his mother paid off to stay away from Oliver they can introduce his child this season and have the mother die saving arrow

  • Ya - 7 years ago

    I don't care what the comic says. It better not be Felicity. That is enough to stop watching. After how long they've hung that over the audience and they finally get together. Felicity is an amazing person on the show. We need her spirit and personality. I love her with Oliver!!!!!

  • Tyra - 7 years ago

    Fans would stop watching if it's this character or that character, really? How many people that were loved died on Game of Thrones? Most of them. How many people stopped watching the show? None of them.
    My first instinct is Felicity. Oliver would only shed a tear over two people-simply because it's not an emotion you see from the Arrow. I would hope the writers are going in the direction of the Comic.

  • Christian Oconnor - 7 years ago

    No ones in the grave. Its all a ruse to keep someone safe from darkh. Imagine that darkh finds out who Oliver cares about.amd the team does this to trick darkh.

    Another possibility is that it's dig. Imagine right at the end of the midseason finale, dig finally forgives Oliver, and in an attempt to save Oliver from darkh, dig dies...???

  • Douglas Winship - 7 years ago

    Felicity's mom. We know she will be on this season, and they have expanded her number of appearances, so they are beefing up her character and our investment in it. I think that they are going to play off of the fan (and actor) driven idea of hooking her up with Lance. And that will get her killed, which will make Lance the "him" Oliver thinks has to be put down.

  • Stark - 7 years ago

    I really think it's Felicity due to the reason that in the comics Oliver is bound to end up with Laurel which means that no matter how much we love Olicity it's never going to actually happen. Felicity is a character that in the end has to be out of the show wheater you like it or not and her death would be a insensible for Oliver to kill Damian dark so yeah it's absolutely Felicity.

  • roman deiss - 7 years ago

    felicity is pregnant,the baby dies.

  • N Maslanik - 7 years ago

    Roy Harper Damian dark finds him and kills him

  • Bonny - 7 years ago

    "Elysia Rotaru’s character" with whom Oliver falls in love with in the Island can be a possibility and as per Barry's presence is concerned Barry is one of the friends of Oliver and thus he was also invited but he could not make the funeral because he was busy fighting Professor Zoom in Central City.

  • Firsh - 7 years ago

    Jake, isn't IMDB createdy by users like wikipedia? Isn't it that, for future episodes, full cast is assumed? Or, if the writers and the owner controls the imdb cast list, if I was one of them I would want to deliberitely hide who is in the grave by crediting everyone for full season and only change that once the identity is revealed.

  • Jake Boniver - 7 years ago

    Deductive Reasoning:

    I know, 100% that it is not Oliver, Thea, Diggle, Laurel, Detective Lance, or (And I know you guys may not like her) Felicity. They are all going to be acting in all 23 episodes of this season. I have absolutely no Idea who it could be....because they have to be not an important character who has only been in 1-13 episodes in the entire series....but also important enough for Oliver to be sad and upset.

    The only possibility is Lyla. Diggle's wife. She won't be credited this season because she will only ever be mentioned. Not shown. Obviously because she 6 feet under (bad joke). She is the only possibility because anyone else in the show is either dead already, confirmed to be in many future episodes, or can't die because of an important role they have in the comics (like Death-stroke for example). It is the only possibility.

    Diggle's daughter is a baby, really small...grave would be unnecessarily too big. It fits an Adult casket at least.

    It isn't too hard to figure out either. Just go on IMDB and check who is credited and who isn't and use deductive reasoning to solve it. For anyone who does go and check for themselves, to save you some trouble if you come across this, Felicity is shown with 86/92 episodes. This is because she was not in 6 episodes spread out in the first season. She is in all the episodes for this season though. Just to clear that up. Besides, the death is one that is confirmed by the writers so it cannot be a "Everyone thinks this person is dead, but they are really kidnapped by Darhk" or something. It would have been a cool twist but the writers confirmed that the person in the dirt will be permanently in there.

  • Barry Allen - 7 years ago

    I think that Vandal Savage will kill whoever died.

  • Dbagga - 7 years ago

    Imo Oliver is sad and cries and in that list there's only 2 options to have an impact on him like that. Thea and diggle. Why those two ? Because all the interviews and things developers and such had about Oliver and felicity and how it was time to give Oliver a break and how hard they made it for them to get together they aren't going to just crush that so quick . It can't be laurel she's the canary and no one is gonna just go off and kill the canary she's big enough to have her own show .. Shiiiiit. Oliver wouldn't cry at the loss of lance, sad sure, but it wouldn't effect him like that. Lyla? Wth who cares about her? So my choice leads more to diggle, it's him in the ground . It won't be Thea because they won't take away a character that they just spent so much time on bringing back to life and training her plus Oliver already losing everyone else come on people this isn't batman. So diggle will die!

  • Kyle - 7 years ago

    It's going to be Felicity. She's in the way of Oliver and Laurel - Black Canary is Green Arrow's wife, after all - and she's useful, but not irreplaceable. There are plenty of tech geniuses, and Mr. Terrific is around. Barry Allen is around. Cisco Ramon is around. Ray Palmer is around. Felicity is kind of redundant. She "redeemed" Oliver and saved him from the darkness of his double agency in the League of Assassins, but that's pretty much....over now. Now he's the Green Arrow, he's motivated to save Star City, and Felicity's useful but she isn't integral.

    For the people saying they hope it's not Felicity or they'll stop watching: good. Olicity campers have been ruining the show for too long. Green Arrow is a dark character with a dark story, and they should keep it that way. If you want light hearted, fun drama, watch ABC Family.

  • Zak willy - 7 years ago

    I say it can't be felicity bc she is a big part of team arrow. Also if it was Barry would have been crying more due to the fact that he once loved her. He showed up to show respect to a fallen hero. I have a feeling of ether Diggle or his wife. If it was felicity he would have been crying more and so would have Barry.

  • T Novak - 7 years ago

    It won't be Felicity or Diggle. They're both too central to the show. Fans would turn on the show if Felicity was turned into a "woman in the refrigerator". I think the producers realize that.

    I think the less least likely would be Laurel. It's kind of a beating a dead horse thing, how often does Detective Lance go through the circus of morning his daughters. Too repetitive.

    If it's Thea, that would definitely have an impact. The only thing about this is, we already saw Oliver's mom die. If his sister dies too then he has no family connection anymore, and that has been a theme of the show. He'd become a little too much like Batman. With his mom and Tommy both dead, Laurel and Thea are his only connections to his old life which is why his city means something to him. Also, they just started developing Thea. I don't think she's safe. But I think it would be a loss to the show because the character has momentum.

    Detective Lance is a big part of the show but he's kind of outlived his potential. We've seen him to a full 360 and now he's at this low point. He's the most likely I think to have died. His involvement with HIVE would give a noir-morality reason for him to die. Now he's fallen from grace. His own death could be his resurrection.

    It could be a character we haven't met yet or has a smaller role so far but will get their arc this season.

    The next question is, who is the "him" who Oliver says has to die? Are we assuming it's Damien Dahrk? We're assuming that he's the big baddie of the year but as the season's arc evolves, there might be other villains surfacing or resurfacing. It could be Malcolm Merlyn. There is a good chance it could be Slade. His character's arc is far from over. And it could be some other DC character not yet introduced to the show, and whose first comic appearance will have speculators driving the price up like crazy.

  • Bob - 7 years ago

    *episodes :)

  • Bob - 7 years ago

    I know Felicity's mom is going to be on a few episode this season. I bet it's either her...or Lance.

  • bruce wayne - 7 years ago

    i hope its joker cuz he has become an even bigger dick than before

  • Ellis Mandia - 7 years ago

    I don't think it's Felicity because Barry should have been also shown in distraught. But Barry's appearance in the funeral means that he has a connection with the person buried. I think it could be Oliver's son or his ex-girlfriend who now lives in Central City

  • Mook - 7 years ago

    If it's felicity, I will never watch Arrow again it will never be the same with out her!

  • Chinu - 7 years ago

    It can be Palmer!!! Though we know he is not dead because he shrunk!!
    That can be possible. Every one is thinkng that its felicity but I dont want her to die.

  • Peter - 7 years ago

    I think its Oliver's son mom back in season 3 or felicity but puts her in Lazarus pit. Cathy Lotz old canary is going inside pit cuz of new show

  • Kat - 7 years ago

    I think its Felicity because why would Barry be there. Felicity and Barry have a deeper connection than Barry and the other characters therefore it has too be Felicity

  • Kat - 7 years ago

    I think its Felicity because why would Barry be there. Felicity and Barry have a deeper connection than Barry and the other characters therefore it has too be Felicity

  • Chris - 7 years ago

    I Just want to be Laurel or Thea cause i dont want to see girls at action. I want back the badass Oliver Queen

  • Chris - 7 years ago

    Its Felicity 100%. She is playing only 86 episodes and all the others Diggle,Laurel Thea are play 92 just like Oliver.

  • Eddie - 7 years ago

    I'm ultimately thinking Felicity, as a way to stay true to the comics and because how dark these writers can be when writing about Oliver's trials and tribulations. It fits into their style.

  • Eddie - 7 years ago

    My first thought was that is was Roy, as he's important enough to be loved by the majority of the main characters but not enough to be featured on the season premiere. They could get some heart wretching scenes but ulimately move on with the show without his departure significantly weighing down the show. My other guess is actually Felicity, based on the comics and this network's past history. If you remember anything about Smallville, Lana was the love interest of Clark for the first half of the series. They removed her from the main cast and put her in a reoccuring role; I don't know if that was due to she would sign another contract with them or their way of killing of their relationship. Then, Chloe became his main interest and everyone was thinking "Chloe is Louis" theory. Despite no one caring about Louis, they still killed the thing between him and Chloe to go by the comic and get Louis with Clark. It would surprise me to see it again. My guesses are Felicity, Roy, or Laurel, as a way to write her off.

  • Chase Carrico - 7 years ago

    this is a really hard one. I feel like if it's anyone on this list, it's Laurel.
    They led up to it being Felicity, and I think the writers are too good to let it be that obvious.
    Diggle is just coming into his own and I think his role is about to expand.
    Thea died already at the end of last season. Killing her again would be, for lack of a better word, overkill.
    It's probably not Lyla, just because I don't see her as prominent enough of a character, but I could maybe see Oliver have that reaction if it was her.
    I could see Oliver and Quentin Lance make amends toward the end, but I imagine he wouldn't vow to kill someone over Quentin's death.
    So my guess is it's Laurel, or someone not on this list (and probably introduced later in the season).

  • Cornelius - 7 years ago

    They made it seem like it was Felicity. With these things it is almost never the first pick that is insinuated. My guess would be Roy or Lance with Laurel coming in a close third because they are probably the most expendable while still making it climatic. If they kill off Lyla, sorry to say no one would care.

  • Michael - 7 years ago

    People are not realizing that in the comics, it's laurel, not felicity, who is Oliver's lover. At some point something had to be done to make this possible. Somebody's dead and it implied it was felicity, and I think it was.

  • anonymous - 7 years ago

    It's not Felicity for the sole reason that Oliver would be way more upset if it were. And even if you want to argue me and say he's good at hiding his emotions, fine, but we saw Barry there too and he didn't look very upset AT ALL. He knows Felicity, is friends with her - close friends - he would be way more upset and he would have found a way to get to her funeral. No doubt. Plus I honestly don't know if the show would be able to kill her off and keep the fans. As often as we all say "if so and so happens I won't watch anymore" I really do think they would lose a ton of viewers if they killed of Felicity. It's just not feasible.

    I could be wrong, but I highly highly doubt it's her.

    While we're on the topic, I can't imagine it would be Thea or Diggle either. Both are too important to the show. Diggle has been a constant since the pilot and losing him would also mean viewers losing a lot of faith in the show. I can't see it being either of the core three (Original Team Arrow - Oliver, Diggle, Felicity). And then there's Thea but Oliver has lost his mom and his dad. He won't lose her. Plus, they just brought her back to life so...

    Which raises the question: who is it? It could be one of the Lances - though I'm not sure which or how they'd die or what would happen with that. It could also be his son (whom we haven't met yet but we will). All I know is that whoever it is, it's somebody important (or someone that will be important). They wouldn't have shown the flash forward if it weren't and Oliver wouldn't have been crying if it wasn't somebody important.

    Who is it? I don't know. Who is it not? I do know that. So we can all chill (a little).

  • Linda - 7 years ago

    If it is Felicity, I am done with the show. Getting too dark for me. She is the glue that keeps it light and together!

  • Brian Hurren - 7 years ago

    It probably is felicity because in the new 52 story arch she is removed according to wikipedia.

  • Ryan - 7 years ago

    I dont think it will be Felicity since we saw her in the Season 4 trailer up in Palmer Technologies with some other guy. It might be the character Elysia Rotaru plays maybe? I dunno, but I can tell already this is going to be a good season!

  • Paul - 7 years ago

    I think it might be Red Arrow

  • Xhanxhibar - 7 years ago

    Maybe it's Oliver's son or the mother of the son who live in the city where Barry is suppose to protect but can't bcoz of zoom.we know this season he is going to find out about his son.

  • Ryan Huntington - 7 years ago

    I don't want it to be Felicity. I don't think that it will be because she is such an important character that if Arrow got rid of her, they would lose a lot of viewers. But, it also has to be someone close to Oliver since he shed a tear. I think that we might know by the half-way mark because Barry said he was having troubles with Zoom. That means he will have to be in the Flash and at the point that the Flash is not strong enough to face him. I can't wait til' we find out. It will hopefully be a great episode.

  • nick pishkin - 7 years ago

    If it is ms smoke I am def not gonna watch it anymore

  • Scott Summers - 7 years ago

    I would absolutely HATE it if it was felicity. I hope it's anyone else. It doesn't matter who, just not felicity.

  • Josmany diaz - 7 years ago

    I honestly think it's felicity and I really don't want to believe it's her. She is part of the show and everyone will agree on this. It can't be someone really important because honestly people might stop watching the show. I won't because Dee inside its not her but I know it's someone really important.

  • Josmany diaz - 7 years ago

    I honestly think it's felicity and I really don't want to believe it's her. She is part of the show and everyone will agree on this. It can't be someone really important because honestly people might stop watching the show. I won't because Dee inside its not her but I know it's someone really important.

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