SPEAK UP: Should Brian Britton ever be released from prison? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Do you feel prepared for a hurricane to hit? 89 YES, 19 NO

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  • jana lalewicz - 3 years ago

    Honestly it doesn't sound like he's made much progress in the length of time he's been in there. I also watched the episode of Evil Lives Here on ID and the letter his sister read on this episode from Brian indicates he doesn't even take any responsibility for this. It sounded like he's hedging his bets in hope of some new trial or something. Like he's afraid to admit guilt. Frankly I don't believe for a second he doesn't remember what he did. You have all my sympathy Sherry. I'm so sorry for your loss. It must have been a terribly lonely time for you after this incident. I suppose theres always a possibility for change in him but it sounds doubtful. If he were free I can imagine you would be terrified. God bless you and keep you Mrs. Schafer

  • Patricia Shanny - 4 years ago

    Sherry, I was a teacher a AHS when this happen and was at Vassar Hosp. with my own youngest son in an unrelated gunshot incident the night you were there. I spent a year trying to help the 17 yr. old who accidently (but stupidly) shot my son; my son forgave him and so did my family. I know your situation was different. But, Brian was 16, do you really believe, and is there psych evidence, that Brian is beyond redemption? That's my only question. If he's gotten help. and the help didn't help, then maybe he should be in prison forever. I'm so sorry for you and your family, really.

  • Sherry ( Britton ) Shafer - 4 years ago

    I feel that he should never be released....... for the safety of the public and for me and my family's safety. The article says it all....... he has anger issues in prison. Why release him back into society when he is a loose cannon in prison?

  • Edward - 4 years ago

    Only released in a bodybag....

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