After this first post-breakup ep, will you continue to watch 'Castle'?

  • Pat Ricketts - 5 years ago

    The writing on this show is boring. It's gone on to long.. End the Becketts mom story and move on to new material. The explanation of the Castle disappearance was glossed over in one episode. Quit with the Castle's immature schemes to get Beckett back. He's a creative adult let him act like one. I fear this will be the last season if the writing doesn't improve.

  • jan - 5 years ago

    I would just like to say I have been watching castle from the start.I don't know why some of you want to get the show off . If you have watched it from the start then you would know Kate is trying to keep everyone alive. The people that want to get her would think nothing of trying to kill anyone around her. I like castle and would hate to see it off . I think Kate and Castle make a great pair. And the rest of the cast is great to. I did not hear about the actors not getting along . Does anyone know how that started? Please don't take the show off i really enjoy watching it.

  • Erika Kyle - 5 years ago

    Stopped watching this show after the first show of this new season. Confused why they are still calling each other by their last names and not first names. And no one is concerned about when Castle disappeared for 2 months? That was glossed over. As much as I love me some Nathan Fillion, I'm done with the show. Every episode seems just like the last one. Tired of the "who killed Beckett's mom" scenario.

  • PacIslRocks - 5 years ago

    Let the wah...wah....whining begin. If 89% of us are still watching Castle what does this tell me about the 11%? That they are the ones wha..wha..whining in this comments page. Betcha, none of you have been in a Love Story that has lasted more than a minute;otherwise, you would see that this is a typical marriage with it's ups and downs, trials and tribulations and partners who inspite of it all still Love each other. Some take their marriage vows seriously like Kate and Rick(this time for him). And, who among you see the PTSD Kate story line in S8. None? Of course not? It isn't just the wounded war warriors who suffer from it. Any and all women who have suffered horrific traumas in their life experience PTSD (death of a Mom/Dad violently at a young age,,rape,incest,sexual assault/s, a Mom/Dad who has lost a child, etc). I believe that this is what the Showrunners have bravely tried to write about in Kate's story. From my own experience while in individual and group recovery, PTSD is like a dark cloud that follows you. You think that it's gone but then it's back. Comes and goes. You do the best that you can. After chasing Kate (not the other way around) for 6 yrs, do you honestly believe that Rick is going to easily walk out on Kate making this his 3rd failed marriage? BTW, I saw the love, flirting, sexual tension, longing sneek peeks and banter that so many wish would come back within an interesting story last night. Interesting that the subject of "lying" which people accused Kate of doing cluelessly was covered since everyone, including you sitting smuggly in your chair, has done and will do if your human. BTW, I've been watching TV since the 1950s; there is no story in TV land that hasn't been written hundreds of times before in different scripts. Sorry for the interruption....continue your wha..wha..whining! Boo-bye!!

  • Harry - 5 years ago

    I thought last night's episode was a little boring and redundant. I'm getting a little tired of hearing "Go home Castle", or "none of your business Rick". Really? This is all you've got?? Beckett "reviewing" the Bracken/Simmons file didn't seem to fit well with the rest of the story line. It almost looked like a desperate attempt to inject a "Oh, and don't forget" segment. I was in to the storyline up until last night, and coupled with the "Big Bang Theory's" vanilla episode last night I'm glad I have a Shelter dog at home now to play with. Otherwise I might have started on the single-malt to numb my senses.....

  • Denise Elints - 5 years ago

    Seriously!?? You can't think of anything else more interesting than rehashing an old - ' been there, done that'
    story line. Borrrrring.

    Last season seemed to have some good Future looking ideas.

    As much as I love the actors in this series, I am NOT interested in past ideas. I'll be gone.
    (Plenty of other choices out there, . . . . you're pushing us to check out now.)

  • Ree - 5 years ago

    This show is swirling further down the drain week after week. I have totally lost track and interest in the LOCKSTAT story line. If the network wanted to cancel it, just go ahead and do it, and not subject those of us, who are trying to remain loyal fans, to this weekly abuse. Hate to use this word, but the show has become stupid. Nathan Fillion has been demoted to acting like a school boy and he's better than that. This series might become as legendary as Moonlighting for it's sad demise.

  • Donna - 5 years ago

    Still finding to hard to accept the new format, but since I love these actors, I will stick it out.
    It seems to be more comical, but it feels unnatural after waiting so many years for them to fall
    in love. Yes I prefer the old "Castle" but hopefully the story lines will help them find their way
    back to their partnership and provide some good entertainment during this process.

  • Mary - 5 years ago

    Ok, Castle tell Beckett to hit the road.. Enough of her stupidity!!! She wants to be married or NOT???.
    You have to much to offer for for!!!
    Plus I cannot follow this story, not sure what the heck is going on... I'll give it one more shot then off I go.
    Sorry Castle!

  • DAN MISHECK - 5 years ago



  • Buenger Dickson - 5 years ago

    I am very unhappy with where the new season has gone. To begin with I feel like relationships should be honest and this one has turned sour. Castle has been turned into a silly school boy and Beckett has lost all sense of honesty. I see what the writers are going for but living in the past doesn't work in real life and it sure doesn't work on TV. What ever happened to this funny team simply fighting crime, Together.

  • Cathy - 5 years ago

    We waiting how many years for them to get together and then this stupid story line. I am about to turn the channel!

  • Robert Tretsch - 5 years ago

    The writers must take the viewers as idiots. Really, Beckett leaving Castle to protect him while she chases LOCKSAT. Come on, the writers introduced LOCKSAT as some all powerful, all knowing secret cabal that can dispatch killing teams at will, and we are expected to think that Beckett leaving Castle will protect him and the rest of the Castle clan. Puh-leese, if they wanted to get to Castle or his family, ya' think they won't be able to find him/them.

  • Bob Price - 5 years ago

    This season 8 is pathetic period. When you are married you are a team you work together.
    You do not run off and leave your partner. Beckett is a head case and Castle looks
    like a teenager running after his first girlfriend. In addition the writers have created a
    convoluted storyline that in plain language is stupid. Ratings are down and at its present
    rate I see no Season 9 unless a big positive turn around is evident. I cannot stand to watch
    it I read the summaries via TVLine. A thought just occurred to me when you are married
    only a few months how in God's name can you be away from your spouse no matter what
    the situation. For me Beckett would have to come back big time I would not chase her.
    Lastly the Writers could have gone in many other ways. For example Beckett gets pregnant
    a lot of positive stories could evolve from that.

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