SPEAK UP: Will improved auto safety technology lead to worse drivers? YESTERDAY 82 of 112 said the Mets will go farther in the playoffs than the Yankees

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  • Daniel Bazalar - 4 years ago

    This makes me sick to my stomach when drivers tailgate me every single day from Poughkeepsie to SUNY New Paltz. I definitely agree that we need to have more traffic police. This would give us a sight of relief if traffic was completely controlled without anybody rushing. In New York State as a driver, I would always obey the speed limit. Idiot drivers who tailgate are really making it harder for other drivers to concentrate on the road. Usually, I am coming up with a plan that if drivers tailgate me, I would start honking at them to back off. Now I know that doesn't make any sense, but safety comes first.

  • Jeff H. - Poughkeepsie - 4 years ago

    It's getting worse everyday. There are not enough cops in the world to police what's going on out there. I drive to and from Poughkeepsie and Danbury everyday on Taconic and 84. People young and old tailgating at 85 mph. Then they have to smash their brakes on every three seconds which causes a chain reaction slowdown. Leave some space, some schmuck comes flying up and cuts into it. Then you got all these kids driving around looking at their phones ect. Woman applying make-up or some moron with Foo-Foo their dog on their lap, or a man reading a newspaper. All at breakneck speeds. People passing eachother on the shoulders or applying their brakes going up a hill with no one in front of them. If you feel the need to hit your brakes, you are going to fast for your own comfort. Next time you see a bike coming between cars on a road, open your door like I do and make them stop or just plain irritate the hell out of them. And don't get me going about people with handicap stickers in their cars. They could have the most minor of issues medically but for some reason they are some of the worse drivers out there. And for Love of God- to all you scumbags who litter and throw cigarettes out your windows. You smell, your cars smell and your homes most likely smell. Keep it in your cars, it's bad enough the city of Poughkeepsie is a crap-hole. We don't need the whole planet looking like it. Bottom line people have to slow down. Leave ten minutes earlier for work. Take life a little slower. If this keeps up, road rage incidents are going to increase and accidents and fatalities are going to rise. I'm tired of typing and tired of all you terrible drivers.

  • r - 4 years ago

    Drivers around here can't get much worse, technology improvements or not. We need more traffic police.

  • Manfred J. Hocmuth - 4 years ago

    The question implies that self-driving technology will supersede the human driver making the human driver irrelevant. Therefore, the question is moot. However, cognitive science has demonstrated that cognitive challenges foster cognitive improvement. In the sense that that our gadgetry requires less and less cognitive challenge, cognitive abilities may atrophy in the general population--in the general population.

  • M - 4 years ago

    The average driver is already an inattentive, unskilled and disinterested dolt for the most part. Kinda reflective of the general dumbing down of our society. Eventually, there will be a correction, but for now the lowest common denominator prevails. Most traffic laws now favor the least skilled, who also tend to be the loudest complainers. An average "reasonable man" standard would be nice for a change.

    Oh--the LAST thing we need is more revenue driven speed traps. They do nothing for safety, but do provide for 100K police salaries & exorbitant pensions! Wanna stop dangerous drivers? Get out from hiding behind the bushes and stop the fools texting, applying make up or tailgating.

  • Don from Poughkeepsie - 4 years ago

    How much worse can they get? There is nearly zero police presence on route 9 and every day I'm on that road it's a miracle I'm not killed. Crooked baseball caps weaving in/out of traffic at 70mph. Young and old drivers alike with iPhone firmly in hand against steering wheel, texting away. People driving down the shoulder like it's their own personal lane. Illegal U-turns. Cutting across three lanes because someone just realized they want to pull into the Galleria parking lot. The "race of death" to get into a non-turning lane when going south near Namco. Motorcyclists driving between two lanes, to get to the "pole position" at the next traffic light. It goes on and on. Sure, auto safety technology is great. Too bad the roads around here have been left to the general population to decide what's legal and what's not.

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