Do you think GovGuam should compensate landowners whose land was taken for public use?  (Poll Closed)

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  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    Isn't there a law called imminent domain ? Weren't some of these land owners offered fair valued compensation for their land ? Down south ?
    Now for those who's land were taken away by the Feds then passed down to Gov Guam only to be sold to another citizen , those people should be compensated , the land owners in Tiyan should be compensated but the idiots down south should've taken the money before it was seized for road widening . Those people down south shouldn't even be entertained unless they accept what was offered in the past. This island "Chamorros" really love riding on the compensation bus , some subjects are legitimate arguments for compensation but others such as war reparation act is ridiculous and I'm sorry but to expect the U.S. Feds to pay up is just wishful thinking and a waste of time. It's funny my friends in the military always teases how Chamorros never stop asking for compensation from the country that saved them from the Japanese occupation. I hate it when they call us chamorons , but sadly I have to agree there are chamorons in our Government and they sure look greedy in the eyes of our off-island guests. Thank you Gov Guam.

  • John Santos - 5 years ago

    If I was to be compensated based on the value to value at the time of the taking, then it would be
    fair that the land exchange property I choose be assess or appraised based on the time of the
    taking. In other words value to value at the time of the taking.

  • Raymond Quinata - 5 years ago

    Yes, landowners should be compensated. As suggested, a fair market value at the time land was taken may be reconsidered. What the land was worth then to the government may not be what the land owners had in mind trying to secure a future for their children. When things of this sort happens it can destroy the spirit of a person and then negativities will be instilled the minds of those affected. Compensate but consider all the struggles and hardships the children endured all these years because properties were taken away from parents and landowners. Compensate but be fair about it and avoid using the term “fair market then” when the landowners probably never had plans to put it on the market in the first place. Si Yu’os ma’ase!

  • Jophus Detaotao - 5 years ago

    Why should peeps be paid for land stolen from dem when day got it from the Spanish who stole it from the Chamorro ancestors to give to these modern day collaborators!!!! Show us da DEED if you paid for it with money and not treason!!!

  • albert johnston - 5 years ago

    if compensation is to be given for lands taken, is fairness going to prevail or compensation only for the political connected?

  • dj wilson - 5 years ago

    it's usually not what you own, it's who you know. many things happen when wrong is done and heads turn the other way. sad. . .

  • Richard Taitano - 5 years ago

    yes they should, my family land which was bought and paid for was taken by the federal government during the war then returned to the government of Guam who returned it to the original land owners. They never notified us that it was returned we spent lots of time and money going thru court to find out someone else owns it.

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