BOY or GIRL? What's Your Guess?


  • Jaelynn - 7 years ago

    I can't wait to find out what gender it is

  • Bray - 7 years ago

    Carlos Jr! Los Dos off the mic!!!

  • Jeannie Fox - 7 years ago

    Try. The cabbage trick but I firmly believe the Lord our God is telling me itsa girl. I have been right about my own pregnancy as well as others :)

  • Julie Lee - 7 years ago

    I strongly believe in the pencil string test. When I was pregnant there was a lady in our office that did this test on everyone that was pregnant and she was never wrong. If the pencil goes in a circle then it is a girl. If the pencil stops and starts again, then that is the gender of the next child you will have and so on. It stopped after telling me I was going to have a girl and it never started again. I did have a girl :) and I never had any other children.

    Good Luck & Enjoy :)

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