If you are a MARRIED MAN - how often do you experience loneliness?

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  • Jeff - 4 years ago

    How is this possible? How can I be lonely in a full house? Well, an inattentive wife both intimately and subjectively in conversation makes me lonely. Her constantly correcting my thoughts, morals, intentions and recent actions make me feel like she is on the "outside" of our marriage. I don't feel like I can share my heart with her, ever without her becoming appalled at my thoughts even though I restrain most of my feelings on subjects.
    My wife tends to be self-righteous and judgmental with most people so I cannot make mistakes. Since I do make mistakes, I am fully blamed and at fault. The result is distrust of any judgement I make and therefore she feels intimately unable to trust during "intimate" times.
    Her buildup is with other girl friends. I have no male buildup. I am, for all intense purposes, alone.

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