Who won the CNN Democratic debate?

  • Alexander B - 5 years ago

    VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEE! We do matter. By not voting we all play right into the hands of the people forcing their agenda down our throats. It's why you should vote, do not be discouraged or defeated. You make a difference and too much blood was shed for our right to do so. Stand up and be counted.

  • J Forrester-Silver - 5 years ago

    I heard the news today stating that Hillary was the winner of the debate. Am I going blind, or do the polls sent in not count? My eyes tell me that Bernie's stats were over 70 percent compared to Hillary's 17 percent. Again I wonder why Fox News bothers to ask us to vote. This is why I hesitate to bother voting in the election. We the people d o n o t c o u n t. Anyone else feel this way?

  • Pamela Weise - 5 years ago

    CNN why bother with a pole where the people vote on the winner of the debate last night when it is obvious that the media has already deemed Hillary Clinton as the winner. Sadly the media has chosen to ignore that the people have chosen Bernie Sanders as the true winner of this debate. Why even waste our time with your ridiculous poles when CNN has already made their decision pre-debate. No wonder no one watches CNN anymore and must go elsewhere for their news.

  • Sue - 5 years ago

    I hope the people that couldn't watch on cable last night, are getting a true report on TV today. Then, I hope people will search out his truths. Now maybe TV will talk about him, whereas, they've been quite silent. Bernie is "ALL Lives Matter".

  • Jack - 5 years ago

    To Bill and any other hard line conservatives out there,

    The facts show that most of Sanders policy ideas have either worked well in the past or work well currently in various regions throughout the world in achieving his primary stated goal of reducing inequality. Obviously you think "big" government is always bad, but Sanders supporters don't. Government policies and spending is only "good" or "bad" depending on what the goals are and how effective the policies are in achieving those goals. Goals that align with the values of Americans and plans that are effective in achieving those goals will also be well received in the end.

    You're currently entitled to your opinion but you're wasting your breath. The evidence is not on your side and you're not going to convince anyone who already supports Sanders because they already know better.

  • Don - 5 years ago

    "As for the rest of your stereotypical rant calling me a xenophobe, etc - no. I am just offended when I am reminded by the Dems that my life does not matter or matters less than a black life."

    Bill, #BlackLivesMatter isn't saying your life matters less. They are saying their life matters as much as yours.

  • Freedom First - 5 years ago

    The only honest person on that stage is Bernie Sanders. He isn't afraid to admit to smoking pot and looks a REAL problems like mass incarceration and poverty instead of fashionable mainstream media sound bites like email scandals. If it's up to the media and the Corporate interests who still have so much control (because Sanders isn't in power) then Clinton wins for sure. But if every vote counts and people are more powerful than money then BERNIE SANDERS WINS - hands down!! Most of us who gave up on the corrupt political system and rigged oligarch govt are now starting to #FeelTheBern and it feels GREAT! #LGBTQrights #Feminism #Environment #BlackLivesMatter it's time to take our country back and make it more than a logo on a hat made in Chinese sweatshops for Donald Trump! Lol

  • William Croslow - 5 years ago

    All we need to do is tell people about Bernie and he wins their vote more than 70% of the time. We got this thing if we work at it. #FeelTheBern

  • mtgplayer - 5 years ago

    There needed to be a vote button for "republicans won" because I got nothing from them that felt good and I was voting democrat. I don't know what I am going to do now...

  • George Washington - 5 years ago

    If Bernie's revolution does not succeed, then the next step is to follow the words of Aerosmith and "Eat the Rich". I hope Bernie's revolution works. If not, I predict there will be significant and violent class war in the near future.

  • Pat - 5 years ago

    Bernie kept his aura of the common man in contrast to Hillary's elitism. She can't help sounding like she's talking down to everyone because that's how she thinks.

  • Jesse - 5 years ago

    Judging by their debate performance, Hilary won because she was the most poised and collected. Her answers were precise and spot-on while other's were more staggered and hard to read, like Jim Webb. I'm all for BERNIE though! He was true to himself and rough around the edges. He didn't change and pander to the cameras or to the audience.

  • Kelli Courson - 5 years ago

    I hope the DNC is listening: WE WANT BERNIE!!!! Bernie won hands down and he beats all Republicans in the polls.

  • Robin Down - 5 years ago

    Clinton takes too much money from special interests and actions speak louder than words. I find Sanders more trust worthy. He can not be bought and he does not flip flop on the issues. He's been consistent his entire career. Go Bernie!!! Revolt Against Plutocracy!!!

  • Carlo - 5 years ago

    Please prople, you must vote for Sanders. He is the only candidate that sees the real issues. The system is CORRUPT!!

  • Gary L. - 5 years ago

    For most of the issues it seems only Bernie addresses the root cause of the problem: massive money controls Congress. Nothing will change until that money is removed from the equation. Unfortunately I fear Webb is right - that's not going to happen. But I'm still supporting Bernie. Why not try??

  • BigStinkyCarrot - 5 years ago

    Bernie for the win.

  • Brucifer - 5 years ago

    Sanders won by a landslide. Straight forward, direct and to the point. The difference between the Democratic debates and the Republican debates is this. The democratic debates were between educated policy makers. The Republican debates were a circle jerk between clowns

  • J silver - 5 years ago

    Where is my earlier comment? Does it not count. I am for Bernie, I stated Hillary is too hard & appeared irritated & mad. What did she accomplish while the presidents wife & Secretary of State? All she did was put republicans down in all her answers. I do not vote for the party but for the person!!!

  • Ron - 5 years ago

    Nobody " WON" this debate! Nobody "WINS" because you personally agree with his/her opinions. Nobody "LOSES" because you disagree. This was an introduction of the candidates seeking party nomination from the "DEMOCRACY." You must be "DEMOCRATIC" about thinking about and critically processing what you have heard from these candidates. Let that inform your upcoming "VOTE." Nevertheless, it was a very civil debate and "DEMOCRATS" should take pride in coming up with all these outstanding candidates. The "REPUBLICANS" have a three-ring circus going on. Kudos to all these good candidates. It is now a horse race between Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was dynamic and well rehearsed, and Bernie Sanders, who was the true hero of the night for standing up for her against tremendous right-wing opposition to her front-runner status. God bless the "DEMOCRATS." God bless you free-thinking Americans!

  • Gary L. - 5 years ago

    I'm not black. I haven't heard ANYTHING that remotely indicates that Dem policies are going to take one thing from me. Where do you get that notion?

  • Rachel - 5 years ago

    Bill- If Biden enters the race, his supporters will be pulled from Clinton's, meaning Sanders will rise above both.
    Also, as of right now, Clinton and Sanders both have more supporters than Trump. See here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/10/13/more-americans-support-bernie-sanders-than-donald-trump/

  • Bill - 5 years ago

    Rachel - I never mentioned anything about Hillary's appearance. Her performance was terrible. She flubbed the big bank problem, was called out on Iraq, and just come off as completely dishonest - which is pretty much how she has always come off.

    Sanders is going to scare away voters with his rhetoric...no question about that. The Dem's only hope for 2016 is for Biden to get into the race. None of these clowns will beat Trump.

    As for the rest of your stereotypical rant calling me a xenophobe, etc - no. I am just offended when I am reminded by the Dems that my life does not matter or matters less than a black life.

  • Corina - 5 years ago

    Clinton was better rehearsed/polished.... but that just means she's very skilled at playing the role of a politician. Bernie actually addressed the issues honestly and refused to attack other candidates. He kept the real issues in his comments, and did not deflect or change the topic. #FeeltheBern

  • Chad - 5 years ago

    Sanders won, hands down.

  • J.T. - 5 years ago

    Sanders is too dogmatic and sounds like a broken record. Clinton won the debate. She was fresh, thoughtful and well versed on a range of issues.

  • Dan elle Headrick - 5 years ago

    Bernie Sanders POTUS 2016

    We got this!!!!!!!
    We are going all the way to the White House!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel - 5 years ago

    Bill in the previous comment is obviously a xenophobic, racist, and shallow white male. Why does Clinton's appearance matter? Either way, Bernie won the debate.

  • Alex - 5 years ago


  • Christopher sigley - 5 years ago

    Bernie for president

  • Barry - 5 years ago

    Our founding fathers would be terrified

  • Bill - 5 years ago

    Why can't I vote for Trump? This is a clown show...Clinton looked terrible and flubbed the big bank problem. Sanders looked like he was having a senior moment when trying to talk about Putin.

    At the end of the day, the solution is always the same with this bunch - MORE GOVERNMENT, MORE SPENDING.

    I think this debate should scare the pants off all males in this country and everyone that is not black. The Dem policies are aiming to take from you to give to others....

  • Big Daddy O - 5 years ago

    Clinton is liar

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