Who was the 'winner' of the Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday?

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Posted 3 years.


  • The BERN - 3 years ago

    Tigz, seriously? Let CHILDREN leave school in the 10th grade? What jobs will they be able to get? Absolutely none. For the record, who wants to just "get by" in life, no, I would want our next generation to be great, and that starts with education. Also he is not FORCING anyone to go to college, but he is trying to make it easier for people that want and need to go to college, without the burden of being over 100,000 dollars in debt.

    If nothing get passed in Congress if won't be his fault. All of his proposals are valid and would help our nation, and at least he is not lying, he knows he cant do it alone, we should all come together for the greater good, not just the 1%. Additionally, throwing away money? Money going towards education and healthcare will not go to waste.

    But go ahead vote for Trump. His tax plan would reduce revenue by 10 trillion over the next decade. His immigration plan would cost around a couple hundred billion to deport the 11million illegal immigrants, when the country would get a couple hundred billion in revenue if they had a comprehensive path to citizenship.

  • Tigz - 3 years ago

    The only thing the debates taught me was that Sanders is senile. If not senile, then he has no real concept of how this country works. He is calling for a revolution? seriously? no, take out that question mark, he IS calling for a revolution. He wants to take away from us the one thing that made the US great. Competition and ingenuity.

    He wants free college for everyone? really? There are kids that get by with Cs and Ds and don't care about school. Why not just make everyone go to only 9th or 10th grade so they have a grasp of the basics, then let those who don't care go out and make a living for themselves and let that those that DO want to learn...those that DO want to go to college...let those continue on with high school and go to college. Stop throwing away money on those who don't care about learning and invest it in those that do.

    Bernie Sanders is a Socialist. Full Stop. We are not a socialist country. Yes, like all countries, we do have some socialism. It is necessary to a certain extent. But economically, we are a capitalistic country. If someone like Sanders goes into the office of the president, none of his plans will pass the house or the senate. We will have another 4 years of fights and nothing getting done.

  • John - 3 years ago

    Bern baby Bern!!!! The man speaks the truth we are not seeinh through our media. It's all feasable ehay he proposes. All forst eorld natoons provide these things and are a combination of capitalism and socialism as the U.S.economy is. We only have more unregulated capitalism and less social aupports. The wealthy own a great deal more than they truly earn.

  • Mike Becker - 3 years ago

    CNN, you can try to create the "illusion" that Hillary Clinton came out on top during the debate, but ALL polls clearly indicate it was Bernie Sanders who did the best. I recommend you do REAL reporting and simply report the results, and not try to twist it into fitting into your grand scheme.

  • Sarah - 3 years ago

    Sheri, how much did you pay for your high school education?

    As many have pointed out, a high school diploma doesn't get anyone a middle class job, the kind our economy is built on. Most jobs above entry level require a college degree. By forcing our young people to go as deep into debt as someone buying a home, we are undermining our own future. How many bright young minds are shut out of careers that could build America by the high cost of college? We will be shut out of the world economy, unable to compete, with the next generation serving fries to the foreigners we have to import to fill our jobs.

    As a nation, we recognized back in the 19th century that it was in our national interest to educate our young. We tax ourselves to provide free education because the return on that investment is overwhelmingly positive. The return on investing in our young people to let them compete will add far more to our national economy than the cost.

    We pay taxes for fire and police protection--for free. We pay taxes for roads--and drive on them for free. We pay taxes for Social Security--so our elders aren't freezing on the streets. We pay taxes to support state colleges--why the hell are they charging tuition at all?

  • Feel The Bern - 3 years ago

    Sheri you would still have to work hard to get admitted. Bernie is not saying let absolutely everyone get into college, he is saying they people that do try hard and do their best shouldn't be denied education because they cant afford it. He has a plan to pay for it (taxing wall street speculation) that does not include us going into more debt because of free public college.


  • Buhma - 3 years ago

    Bwahahahaha! Talk about cognitive dissonance! The pundits say Hillary won the debate, yet every poll (including this one) the people overwhelmingly think Bernie won. He was better on all the poilicy issues and he was more magnanimous (on the email scandal) and he came off as more genuine....not pandering like Hillary came off as.

    Goes to show you that the corporate owned mainstream media are just hacks writing what their puppet masters want them to. What happened to the real journalists?

  • mitch - 3 years ago

    Sheri College cost in the 90's arnt even close to what they are today. Its not whats wrong with ppl working hard, Its whats wrong with the rich trying to get more rich of ppls education. they do work hard its just set up for them to fail, all the cost are over bearing. I think Bernie made a great point that an associates degree is equivalent to an high school degree now a days which it is. Can you imagine all the ppl that missed out on becoming doctors, leaders, lawyers cause they couldnt afford an education. I think putting large amounts of debt on the upcoming ppl of this country and not allowing everyone to have the same opportunity at an education is just holding our country back from success. Why do ppl accept being taken advantage of I dont get it. Sheri could you imagine how far ahead you and your husband could have been if you guys didnt have to spend 6 years paying off debt.

  • Daniel Becker - 3 years ago

    Sheri, $25,000 total debt shared between two college graduates pales in comparison to the debts that students are getting into in today's times. A single year at my college costs over $30,000, most people I know will be close to $100,000 dollars in debt by the time they earn their degree. And most people I know get financial assistance from their parents; I can't imagine how daunting those figures are to students in less fortunate families. Another important point to make is how basic a college degree is now in terms of getting a job, no longer does a highschool déploya cut it. Do you not see how it is detrimental for a country to have each wave of young adults be shackled financially by mountains of debt? Spending power goes down for entire segments of the population, meaning less money going back into the economy in other avenues than high tuition and loan repaymeny. Other countries have great free schooling programs, just because it is free to the people doesn't mean it's free. There is still money directed to it, only now from the government (of course, funded by the people, but young adults won't be $100,000 in debt)

  • Cam - 3 years ago

    CNN. I'm currently disgusted with how your spending an inordinate amount of time saying Hillary "won". Every public option poll has 70-80% of people saying Bernie destroyed the opponents. When are you going to stop giving in to corporate bosses and do real journalism for the people; because right now in the eyes of many your losing integrity.

  • Brandon Laventure - 3 years ago

    Sheri, Sanders's plan for free college wouldn't add to the national debt. He plans to impose a Wall Street speculation tax to offset the cost.

  • Sheri Helwig - 3 years ago

    College for free...are you kidding me! Everything good comes at a price. I am grateful for pursuing my education and am now better off for it. Both myself and my husband back in 1990 had a total debt of 25,000. We were able to pay this debt off in 6 years due to persistence and not having expectations of certain material things such as a lovely home or nice car. Also my children who are most motivated have continued to apply for scholarships as well as work hard. What is wrong with hard work this day and age to continue to achieve our goals. If it is given freely, sorry this will not work. Our national debt can't afford it.

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