Which 28mm SF battle game will you be playing?

  • Stacktrace - 6 years ago

    I liked what I saw in the rules for GoA, but I do not find any of the armies/models/background really interesting. I might have made a go at it had the models been cheaper, but as is, looks like a pass. I would prefer a good 15mm sci-fi game, but have yet to find any that clicks with me (any recommends?)

    I really liked the Warpath rules so far, though it was easy to buy into based on how many models I already have for it via DZ. They also look like they would work nicely in 15mm, if I could find suitable models.

  • Archie - 6 years ago

    Well I've only just started playing 40k so I plan to stick with it for a bit!

    Sometimes these things are about timing!

  • Josh - 6 years ago

    I don't play massed Sci-fi battles... I look for skirmish games (Deadzone, Infinity, MERCS, hopefully Warpath: Firefight)... If I was going to play larger games (Apocalypse sized) I'd probably change scales.. I have found that 3x3 table or 4x4 table is good.. I don't need a 4x8 table anymore.. and I also just have such gaming A.D.H.D. that I get tired of trying to collect 2000 or 3000 pts of one army.. I'd rather have 500 pts (in 40K lingo) of 3, 4, or 5 armies or try out new games with 6-20 models per side... Also.. and I understand our survey is part experiment.. but I think you'll see lot of Mantic love just because I think a lot of us found this site via Deadzone and Dreadball... if you put this exact same blog with poll on another site that was more closely related to 40K or Gates of Anteres, you'd see a different ratio of votes =p

  • John - 6 years ago

    I went other. Locally kickstarter items only get play time shortly after release. Then it is back to old staples, fow and 40k. I dont play either of those but my weekly game night has been rotating the old systems more. Dystopian wars and such. I havent played a recent game release for most of this year. I hope to get out the likes of mars attacks more next year but that relies on painting it up.

    I am tempted to run warpath at 6mm though. I have enough deadzone figure to do 28mm warpath firefight but not the time, money or inclination for big 28mm games

  • Gimgamgoo - 6 years ago

    I'm not sure if GoA is meant to scale to quite the enormous size that Warpath is meant to - I could be wrong though.

    If you're talking about squad based games rather than skirmish, I'd also count Maelstrom's Edge in there. I've backed it as it looks like they've really taken into account all the problems with other games and thought carefully about the rules. Not only that - the first 2 full size novels based in the MEdge universe were fantastic.

    I love Bolt Action's rules - but part of the reason I love it, is its simplicity. It's all humans requiring (in the most part) the same rolls and the same numbers. GoA looks like Bolt Action but with the complexity of statlines that 40k had. It put me off. These days, I want something I can play to enjoy rather than max/min net listing armies full of stats.

  • Graeme - 6 years ago

    Went for "I don't play mass battle SF games". I have two 40k armies at home but they've not left the cabinet in about 4 years.

    I would have been interested in Warpath, but I cannot get my head around a 28mm unit-bases mass battle game. I wouldn't be able to use any of my existing terrain cos it's all built for 40k style individual basing, and I don't have a table (or room in my house even) big enough to make it worthwhile. In fact I think Mantic have been very slightly cheeky in all their promo photography which seems to present WP as something more akin to 40k.

    Gates of Antares does nothing for me at all.

  • Luke - 6 years ago

    I'm not currently playing anything anything in that list, though I used to play 40K. I quit that due to cost and game length. These days I tend to enjoy games of a smaller scale such as Deadzone or X-Wing. That said I backed Maelstrom's edge on Kickstarter which is kind of in between on the scale (self described as a squad based skirmish game) and plan to use that to scratch my large battle itch. I'm currently backing warpath for more deadzone models but the rule seem interesting so I might give it a shot too but am unlucky to play games at scale often due to time constraints.

  • Jason Dunham - 6 years ago

    I agree with nighthaunter that you may have a biased group here because of your past work with Mantic. I backed Deadzone, Dreadball XTreme, Dungeon Saga, Kings of War 2.0 and now Warpath so I guess Mantic is doing something right.

  • Paul - 6 years ago

    I voted Warpath as I've pledged for the rules (which looked innovative - unit based makes larger games simple and speedy) and will have a decent number of figures from the 2 DZ kickstarters to be getting along with so there is a chance I will play the game. Although if I'm honest I don't have much of an urge right now, so it will depend on whether others of my friends, some of whom have chipped into the KS, take it up. No one has done so with the Alpha rules though, so right now its probably only an evens chance.

    I do have a 40k force, but I have grown to hate the complexity of the rules over the years and can't see myself ever playing 40k again.

    GoA looks... hmmm. OK I suppose, but I've got no incentive to buy. It's reltively expensive, and the models and gameplay just don't look enticing enough to grab me saying as no one locally has taken the bait. I play quite a lot of Bolt Action, but I'm getting a bit burned out on the game, so its similarity to that game isn't in its favour.

    The idea of "big battles" (whether in the far future or anywhere else) generally is a turn off for me. I can't be bothered with long, complex games these days, and like everything tied up in an hour or two. To that end Warpath's system has some appeal based on my experience with KoW delivering a fast and tidy game. However, that aside, more generally I prefer small games for that reason.

  • nighthaunter666 - 6 years ago

    You might get a biased opinion here Jake. I imagine a lot of your blog subscribers are from Deadzone, and likely drawn to warpath above other things.

  • Dave Smith - 6 years ago

    Warpath for me, Gates of Antares is to expensive for largish battles, twice the price of GW being metal instead of plastic and never got into bolt action rules.

  • Joseph Mallen - 6 years ago

    What I play is mostly defined by what I can get players for. My local group is kinda small and heavily focused on Warmachine/Hordes. We don't get to play much so theres not really time for other games, no matter how cool they are. We have squeezed in a couple of games of Dropzone Commander this year, and hope to make room for more and Dropship Commander next year. I've got in a handful of games of Deadzone, starting the 2 player campaign with a friend I almost never see. We hope to finish it of next year but player availability is always an issue for everything.
    I'd have been tempted to go all in on Warpath but Plague is my DZ faction and all they got was Enforcer leftovers. Nothing to add flavour or interest to the faction. Very disappointing. Plus I have no one to play against, unless my DZ campaign escalates after we finish.
    GoA never got my attention, but I do like the idea behind the Bolt Action activation sequence. I'd like to see more of that.
    I tend not to trust GW. They are in it for the money and have no respect for their consumers. They release models at a rate that makes them redundant too quickly and expect you to spend way too much too often to remain competitive. To be fair I've never really given them a chance. I couldn't afford to play their war games when I was a kid, even though i wanted to. As an adult I've been made too cynical about them, and only played with people who don't play their games. Either way I tend not to want to go near their games.

  • Ben Clapperton - 6 years ago

    I went with 'I don't play SF battle games' because right now I don't and I don't see either GoA or Warpath changing that (and if you see me playing 40K then hell has probably frozen over). I'm also unlikely to pick up a new mass battle game in the future. Time considerations mean I gravitate towards the skirmish end these days. I do very occasionally play DzC.

  • Mark - 6 years ago

    Whilst I don't really play SF wargames much at the moment, if I were to choose one I'd go for 40k, a) because I already have a shed load of stuff for it and b) it is the fluff & setting I am most familiar with and immersed in.
    Whilst I could have backed the Warpath KS heavily, I didn't, mainly because I already have too many other games that I don't have enough time to play :/ so I opted to just get the rules & see how the system takes me.
    What this poll doesn't consider is external influences e.g. what happens at my gaming group - if Warpath or BGoA take off in a big way at my club then I could see myself more likely to play them.

  • Andrew - 6 years ago

    I know a couple of the guys at my club backed Warpath, and others are interested in Antares. Personally, I want to see more of the Ghar before I think about Antares, but I do like what I've seen so far.

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