Should Khloe Kardashian be the one making medical decisions for Lamar Odom?

  • Angela Bickford - 5 years ago

    Thank you Khloe for being beside Lamar my sons and I find Lamar to be a wonderful kind human being thank you again Khloe you are a good person.

  • Carol - 5 years ago

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Khloe at this time.
    Be strong Khloe, you never stopped loving Lamar and he knows this.
    God is always right and knows best Khloe.
    We love you, God be with you and give you strength every second of every
    From South Africa

  • hassana musa - 5 years ago

    Yes bcos lamar and khloe are soulmate if lamar dies khloe die with him even if her soul still lives . Please say your prayers to keep both soul alive. Thank u

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