SPEAK UP: DO schools do enough to promote nutrition? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Would you ever purchase a hybrid car? 110 YES, 84 NO

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  • Jerry - 4 years ago

    Previous commentors are correct. It's about time, past time in fact, that parents become parents. Stop being your child's friend and become his/her parent!!

  • bill tolli - 4 years ago

    M r Doran you are 100% right when are we going to stop blaming everybody else for our kid`s from failing in school (blame the teachers) kid`s get violent blame video games kid`s get fat blame video games and school lunch etc. Everything starts with the parents IF YOU CANT RAISE YOUR KIDS THEN DON`T HAVE THEM!!!!

  • Peter Doran - 4 years ago

    Nutrition education is not the job of the school. It is the job of the parents!

  • Lou - 4 years ago

    When the schools are located near a fast food place, the children will go for what tastes good. Check the garbage cans at these schools and see what they throw out. That's our taxpayer's dollers.

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