Do you think religious schools should be excluded from benefiting from a law that allows people to take tax credits for donating to public or private schools?

  • Mike - 6 years ago

    this smells like state sanctioned bigotry.

  • Kate - 6 years ago

    What difference what kind of a school someone gives money to? Planned Parenthood donations are deductable and you know what they have been caught doing. Plenty donate to football funds at colleges and get the deduction. A school is a school!

  • Lorna Lindseth - 6 years ago

    Before tax day, our $ is our $ -- not state $! We can give our private property to whomever we choose.

  • Tom Glover - 6 years ago

    Religion and offering it the advantages of a wealthy person's personal views to affect the education of other people is a step too far towards the altar of money..

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