What is the best way to revitalise Hargreaves Mall?

Posted 3 years.


  • John - 3 years ago

    Like a lot of malls around Australia ours is dying a slow death at the hands of shopping centres. The mall needs to be repurposed. How about turning into a restaurant, market and event precinct. There are many examples of squares in Europe that have been repurposed like this and they are fantastic destinations to visit, to eat and to enjoy.

  • Denise - 3 years ago

    It needs more comfortable seats like the old Mall where they were wooden seats which surrounded the trees so if it was hot, you could sit in the shade and if it was cold, you could sit in the sun just be easily shuffling along the seat. That also allowed a wind break if required. There needs to be shelter from rain so that you don't have to carry an umbrella to get from one side of the mall to the other to shop. A FREE bus (dressed up as a tram) should be on a 20 minute loop of the town with a hop on, hop off option. This could start at the south end of the Mall, go to the Market Place via the new car park in Queen St. then the Station, back down Williamson St to the north end of the Mall, to the Hospital via the Lake and returning to the south end of the Mall via Barnard and View Streets. This would help ease parking problems and promote shopping and tourism in all areas.

  • Fergie - 3 years ago

    Remove ugly toilet/screen constructions. Plant as many trees/greenery as possible to promote welcoming atmosphere, shade and environmental bonus. Area needs to be a pleasant place to relax In, more inviting as a place to meet perhaps, to linger.

  • Arthur Doye - 3 years ago

    Remove the sham big screens and restore the arches and bandstand. Pipe some 50-60s mucic to move on the mall rats that were a prior problem. Get rid of the imitation burst water main exhibit along with the jagged rocks, out of context light poles & coffin like furniture.

  • phil - 3 years ago

    Imptove nearby parking and public transport. Lengthen it by a block in both directions. Include more cafes, coffee shops etc to encourage people to spend time there. To see how a mall can be a vibrant public space checkout Rua 15 de Novembre in Curitiba, Brasil .

  • Bindi johns - 3 years ago

    More kids things like mini golf, swings, climbing equipment.

    it will benefit the food shops that are there.

  • Adrian Gallagher - 3 years ago

    Ask the Chinese Lions to do their regular practices in the Mall. I really appreciated their performance at the Believe in Bendigo celebration recently. I'm sure these kids practice every week, and a performance at a set time each week would enliven the Mall. It would also be an excellent tourist draw card.

  • Alan - 3 years ago

    I think its comes down to cost to having the shops in the mall. Over the year, more and more retailers gone else where because the businesses are unable to balance the costing and their earnings. So make it more business friendly and shoppers will definitely come back. And how do you do that ? Lower the cost to do business there and more free parking in the area.
    People go to Marketplace/Lansell because there are plenty of free parking and you can get everything there.
    No science or complicated mathematical formulas here. Come on !

  • Evelyn Browne - 3 years ago

    The Mall is ugly and unfriendly. Return it to a family friendly place with heritage overtones... much like it was when it was first built. Include shade from living things (trees, creepers)

    Build more multi deck parking close to the CBD and make parking options cheaper.

  • John - 3 years ago

    Remove the ugly structures (toilets) and replace them with trees.

  • Jenny Smith - 3 years ago

    Parking is the greatest problem around the CBD. Parking fees are far to high around this area. Markets are a good idea but it's shopping that we come to do in this area.

  • Simon Thompson - 3 years ago

    Demolish it. It is an eyesore. Return traffic.

  • Alison White - 3 years ago

    Increase parking time allocations around the "CBD" to 3 hours and remove parking fees. For long-term carparks, also make first 3 hours free.

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