SPEAK UP: Would you ever purchase a Mini? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Do schools do enough to promote nutrition? 55 YES, 54 NO

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  • Ada Williams - 4 years ago

    I bought a Mini Cooper in 2003, and it turned out to be a LEMON. At 280 miles driven, it left my husband stranded on the road, the transmission went dead. This happened two more times. The car ended up with three new transmissions, and at the end of all this it did not qualify for a LEMON. We got a lawyer threw the lemon law internet site, no win for us, yet the lawyer got paid through Mini Cooper (BMW).
    At a loss for us, we traded the car after driving it for 16,000 miles, and three new transmissions. Good riddance for a car that the company did not stand for the consumer. We were robbed...

  • Justin W. - 4 years ago

    MINI's are great but since the company has diluted their product line with other models then the 2-door and the 4-door clubman like they originally had it has went down hill. When the first BMW based MINI was released in the states it had a supercharger in the Cooper S and was full of personality. Now they're relatively boring compared to their competition the Fiesta ST, and Abarth. The biggest thing with MINI's though is your paying BMW prices to fix and upkeep your car. So would I buy one now NO because there are so many more options which are better more reliable and cheaper to maintain especially from a performance car point of view.

  • Lady Lagrange - 4 years ago

    It might be a great car, but I love my Subaru Forester too much to change.

  • T - 4 years ago

    Its just a front wheel drive 4 cylinder bmw.

  • r - 4 years ago

    All my stuff I like to keep in my car would never fit in one of those. And what about my purchases?

  • Bonnie Kieffer - 4 years ago

    I would enjoy a car like this... Friends have one and they are thrilled with it.

  • Michael Ehrmantraut - 4 years ago


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