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  • J - 4 years ago

    IBM is now floundering because of mismanagement. The M in IBM stands for machines just what does IBM produce anymore? Can you employee thousands when Watson and Cloud are your future products? This once proud company that treated its employees well AND MADE MONEY has become a poster child for corporate greed. Export jobs, import foreign workers on visas and cut American workers. IBM in my view is a disgrace. Their SALE of the East Fishkill property wasn't a sale but rather an arrangement to rid themselves of a division and the employees who worked their. Global Foundries is now left to do the dirty work of cutting long time IBM employees in the name of efficiently. No matter who does the deed these people now find themselves out of work. While Ginni the token head of IBM pockets MILLIONS while running the company into the ground. Years ago Imused to envy those lucky enough to have jobs with IBM. Today I pity those who still work there. This once great American company founded on the principles of community and valuing their employees now focuses on the executives making more and how to screw their workers. I would never purchase an IBM product or use an IBM provided service. And for many reasons would never own their stock.
    I agree disgraceful what IBM has become.

  • J - 4 years ago

    Just months ago, the outlook was "upbeat" according to the Poughkeepsie Journal. Former IBMers were put onto the GlobalFoundries payroll and everything was looking good. Now GF is pulling the rug out from underneath many of its new employees. It's a slap in the face to now lay them off. Is this just the beginning? Disgraceful.

  • PPP - 4 years ago

    A company has an obligation to employees, community and share holders. They need to run efficiently. Corporate welfare is gone forever. Past corporate welfare is why IBM is now almost out of business.

  • Edward - 4 years ago

    Do you hear us now Andy ????

  • M - 4 years ago

    Why would ANY sane business stay in, come to or even think of being in New York?

    Insanely high taxes, a state run by far left nut jobs and brutal winters aren't major attractions.

    No surprise that people and businesses alike are leaving in droves.

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