Should The Orioles Make A Qualifying Offer To Matt Wieters?

  • DJ - 6 years ago

    They should give weiters a QO if they intend to let Davis go and play Weiters at first base/DH. Less likely to get injured again, can fill in at catcher on spot need and likely would improve his offensive production without the wear and tear of catching. Keep Pearce as a super sub.

  • jimmy - 6 years ago

    Ethan.. Upton has stated publiclly he and Hayward are a package deal. O's one of few teams with payroll space for both

  • Ethan - 6 years ago

    They shouldn't offer the QO because if they do to Chris Davis and Chen, that would leave them like $46M to take care of multiple needs. They need a starter, left fielder (bring back Pearce to take care of that), and they need depth for pinch hitting and pinch running. I think Caleb Joseph makes a decent starter but if they went out and got a veteran backup to compliment Joseph, they will save money and take care of analytical upbringing. To go get Upton like one of you guys said would be a wonderful idea as a 3 hitter in front of Davis. They aren't in a place to contend next year, but should lock up a couple big name guys for multiple years; Upton, Pearce, Span (possibly) could put them in a good spot to contend for a AL East title in 2017.

  • evan harvey - 6 years ago

    Why would the O's sign Wieters, they have a guy named Caleb Joseph, have you ever heard of him he's pretty good. I'm with the chef, RJ apparently can't talk and Tobias likes to copy thinking he can fit in f he can!

  • Matthew H Wieters - 6 years ago

    If you Mr. Angelos extend me the QO i will take it. Inwill come back in 2016 hit .340(.400(.600 and win a gold glove
    I am the switch hitting jesus. The top 5 pick out of GT. I am the second coming!!!!

  • Tobias - 6 years ago

    Yo RJ you a fool fam.. You think #justsayin J.Upton fittin to sign with them Orioles? Boy he only goin to bmore if they sign heyward first. Everyone knows theyre a 2 for 1 package. #justsayin#burr

  • the chef - 6 years ago

    Easily one of the most painful comments I have ever read. Plus avoid any Upton like the plague. Justin, BJ, Melvin or any other variant I forgot. Any shape any form.

  • rj - 6 years ago

    Ride or die nook send the bull the qo and of he takes it you can release britton dor cap flexability so the orioles can sign we dem boyz justin #justsayin Upton

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