Should Jimmy Snuka be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame

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Poll posted 4 years ago.

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  • Rick - 4 years ago

    Disagree. Jimmy Snuka was an innovator in high flying wrestling that shouldn't be undervalued. In his era very few were executing the aerial moves that would become commonplace. One could make a case that his Superfly splash may be the greatest finisher ever. His feuds with Albano, Muraco and Piper rank as some of the greatest rivalries ever. In large part due to Snuka's talents in portraying the wronged baby face in search of justice. While his time on top was short, he left indelible mark on many fans that become wrestling fans in the mid 80s. Including me. Must admit my bias, but Snuka was my first wrestling hero. While I'm saddened by his involvement in murder(still hope he is somehow innocent). I can't ignore or downplay his legacy or influence over a young kid discovering the joys of pro wrestling.

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