Have you tried McDonald's All Day Breakfast?

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  • Vent - 8 years ago

    What I'm baffled by is this: why are the franchisees mad? They had a chance to vote on this a couple months ago, through their council on the board, and voted to approve this plan. This, after testing it in at least three markets over the spring and summer. Maybe it wasn't explained fully to the franchisees how it was going to work? Maybe the CEO just sold them on the potential for increased sales over a set period of time?

    It seems to me that, if they tested it in these markets for months, the data and logistical challenges would be there for them to see that this would lower the average purchase amount and increase service times. Either they ignored that data, thinking only of the profit gain; or, they bowed to the pressure from corporate and consumer demand to do it, when they weren't ready to take on the logistics of it.

    At any rate: I haven't gone out to get it, because I'm not pressed--it's fine to know it's there if I want it, but 1.) they put NC in the damn Biscuit market, and 2.) there's not an egg to be seen on any of them biscuits, when I could go to Bojangles out on Woodlawn or South and get any of theirs with egg and cheese. Fuck that.

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