SPEAK UP: Do you feel safe riding the train? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Do you have your Halloween costume set? 22 YES, 65 NO

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  • J. Barilics - 4 years ago

    I take Amtrak to the Carolinas. Over the last several years, the ride has become unbelievably rough ! When the train picks up speed, it's feels like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at the carnival. I get a sleeper car (no sleeping for me!) and I get bounced around and look like I did 10 rounds with a boxer when I get off the train. It USED to be fun. It feels to me like the tracks are not maintained properly....not aligned. When you look at the tracks, there are missing spikes and some half-way secured.

  • Walter ferrelli - 4 years ago

    NO, skill levels have declined over the years. The people in charge of maintaining and repairing the system I believe are much less skilled.

  • Earl Greene - 4 years ago

    I feel perfectly safe....Chances of a train crash are 'sooo' remote even with the tragedies of the past few years on Metro North. Safer taking the train that driving your car!

  • Don from Poughkeepsie - 4 years ago

    Yes. Of course I wrap myself in several layers of bubble-wrap and I stuff myself into a solid cast-iron steel drum then have my assistant roll me onto the train, first. But yes after that I do feel safe riding the train.

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