If the election were held today, for which incumbent Republican senator would you vote? (Poll Closed)

  • V. Anthony Ada
    1,445 votes

  • Frank F. Blas Jr.
    56 votes

  • James V. Espaldon
    61 votes

  • Brant McCreadie
    1,242 votes

  • Thomas A. Morrison
    1,166 votes

  • Mary Camacho Torres
    134 votes


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  • Dear PDN, - 4 years ago

    These polls are a joke. Someone is obviously tampering with the results.

    Try this: 1) Vote using any Web browser on a computer or mobile devce. 2) Go to your browser history and clear your cookies. 3) Go back to the poll and vote again. VOILA- YOU CAN VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE...

    FYI- there are ways to prevent this from happening.

    Unless, of course, you guys actually believe 4,000 + people took the time to vote on this.

    Everyone who doesn't actually care about the results of your polls.

  • Dugan - 4 years ago

    Let’s see, I will vote for senator’s that send their kids to public school….

  • Concern Citizen - 4 years ago

    I will not vote for anyone who voted for the pay raise. I believe that they do not have decent consience.

  • Jose Sanchez - 4 years ago

    We need more republicans. I like all these guys.

  • Dan Cruz - 4 years ago

    Can someone explain how Morrison, McCreadie and Ada got the most votes? They spend more time campaigning then they do legislating. Let's start electing more quality candidates, since it is quality over quantity.

  • Edward A - 4 years ago

    The two senators who have done nothing, Tony Ada and Brent McCreadie, get the most votes? That shows how hacked these polls are. Jim Espaldon, Frank Blas Jr and Mary Torres are the only three that are worth sending back into the legislature. The others can find jobs elsewhere instead of keeping that $85,000 salary they gave themselves. We need to also rid of Rory Respicio, Tina Barnes, Judy Won Pat and Dennis Rodriguez. The first three have been wasting space for years, and Rodriguez is always about special interest legislation. Just look into the type of bills he introduces and which businesses or people are benefitting.

  • $ilverDollar - 4 years ago

    All the senators except Mike Cruz should shoot a music video about the new Whip & Nay Nay on Bill 435-32 and 436-32.

    Senators, how do you vote on the following bills to repeal salary raises for senators? "NAY! NAY!" Now, I got a new WHIP!

    "You like my whip?!? Cause I just NAY - NAY!"

  • Felipe Alegra - 4 years ago

    I like San Nicholas because he attacks his democrat colleagues. He is also publicly is recruiting new democrats to oust Wonpat, Respicio, Barnes . He also publicly called Senator Rodriguez a liar.

  • Buenas - 4 years ago

    We need NEW faces and allow only 5 senators to run for office. We do not need 15, we have Mayors that already represent each village, 5 senators is all we need for them to enact new laws that will benefit our island, our people and most of all our livelihood. If we cut the 15 down to 5, our govt will be saving and that money can go towards improving our hospital, schools, police force, the list goes on and on.....PEOPLE of GUAM, think about it, does this make sense. We should vote on this come election time, just saying....

  • Iloveguam4 - 4 years ago

    ditto-"none of the above"
    All voted for pay raises or didn't support San Nicolas's attempt to veto it. Shame on them when we have schools in need of repair, hospital in financial bind, growing homeless people, poor public transportation, etc. etc. But noo let's first pay ourselves and make it retro. So much greed and selfishness. No wonder you have people robbing others so boldly. You just have to look at the wonderful example of our fine leaders. Do something senators because your head will be on the chopping board come next election. I certainly won't forget and I'm sure many many others feel the same as I do. Oh but it's okay-- they'll just get picked up as a director for some gov guam agency! What a slap in the face to our people. If we didn't want you to run our Govt.as senators we sure don't want you as a director either. Nepotism at its finest form on Guam.

  • John - 4 years ago

    Vote Republican next election. Change the leadership in the legislature

  • Sara Smilies - 4 years ago

    There should be a "None of the Above" vote. I don't believe any of these clowns are capable of making improvements to this island and doing good for the people as a whole. They put on their charms and ask for votes and when it comes to making tough decisions, they back off. But we're so hard headed that when election comes around, they put on their incredible charms again and we, the voters, are swept away again. Anyway, I thought all these jerks want to run for governor.

  • Ricky - 4 years ago

    They all stole from the people of guam by bypassing a REQUIRED PUBLIC HEARING on a bill they introduce that gave themselves a raise and a year retro. I'll vote FOR ANY NEW REPUBLICAN AND CAMPAIGN MY HEART OUT TO MAKE SURE NO INCUMBENT wins.

  • Hillary Clinton - 4 years ago

    Vote Republican next election. I am tired of a democrats controlling the legislature.

  • Ashley Cruz Rios-James - 4 years ago

    I'll vote for Frank Blas Jr any day, anytime, any year.

  • Mel - 4 years ago

    Let's just be clear voters of Guam, you only think you know the real value our tax dollars are getting out of these bums. They're only in there to control and expand the power of the most wealthy and selfish of financial supporters.

  • Longfellow - 4 years ago

    Get rid of all the senators!!!!! Only have three seats available for the northern, central and southern areas. Let the mayors do their jobs and forward any issues... Seems like we have two groups spending a lot of time on their behinds....

  • Pepe - 4 years ago

    Please include "None of the above."

  • Barack - 4 years ago

    A NO vote please.

  • Phil - 4 years ago

    I think the question should be "If the election were held today, for which incumbent Republican senator would you vote OUT?" All of them!!! All useless!!!

  • Islander 2 - 4 years ago

    Pay raise and retro pay , that's their most important achievement . Slap them and vote them out !

  • Nancy - 4 years ago

    Combining two departments but keeping the same number of employees is NOT reform.

  • Dan Cruz - 4 years ago

    Senator Blas Jr., Espaldon and Torres get my support. McCreadie claims to be tough on crime but his ideas don't really create a stringent punishment. Morrison and Ada, not sure what they have done so far other then take raises and retro pay.

  • Jackson - 4 years ago

    Let's see who owns the hackers. Personally though I would pick between Senators Frank Blas and Mary Torres, since both have introduced reform legislation so far. Blas with the Department of Labor and Torres with the Election Commission. Government needs to change old habits, and it starts with some efforts of reform.

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