Should the state drop its implementation of national Common Core standards?

Posted 3 years.


  • Chris Concerned Parent - 3 years ago

    Not only is the test and related curriculum more complicated and unnecessary than "traditional" math for example, it is grossly unfair to children who learn differently. Special Education students have a very low probability of graduation as this test stands. Vote for sanity - End the PARCC experiment on our children.

  • Debbie - 3 years ago

    Common Core testing is unfair to children living in urban communities in Massachusetts. The testing is invalid and unreliable. The testing poses questions that are above our young childrens' developmental levels.

  • Linda TG - 3 years ago

    With a landslide vote at the time of me posting this of 91% yes To 9% no, I'd say that there are plenty of parents AND educators voting. Dr Stotsky's credentials in education are superior to most. We need to end Common Core, please go to to find out where you can sign the ballot petition to let the voters decide.

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