Do you think legalizing and taxing marijuana will be a worthwhile boost to Canada's economy?


  • Christine - 7 years ago

    Legalizing it would benefit this country more than people think. It is NOT a gateway drug, nor does it cause any unwanted illnesses. It is in RESEARCH to see if it cures cancer and LO AND BEHOLD, it destroys cancer cells! Taxing it would also get us out of debt. Look at the millions the U.S has already made by taxing it! Finally, Canada is going in the right direction! It will also free up a lot of space in the prisons lol! It helps with pain as well! And my dad having a slipped and fractured disc, he uses it, and when he does, he's not in pain! He forgets his cane everywhere! Nothing else will work for his pain! So legalizing it I'd say is the BEST decision anyone has ever made! And when they find out, that it cures cancer, a lot of people ESPECIALLY HARPER will have a LOT to answer to! My boyfriend's grandmother has or should I say, HAD cancer. She used Marijuana for a very small while, then started using the Marijuana pills. Something IN the marijuana slowed down, and reversed the effect of it! She's 87 years old now! Hell yeah for Trudeau! And not only that, He lives in Quebec! Which means, guess what province isn't going to get separated like they wanted? QUEBEC! Because the Prime Minister lives here! EQUALITY FOR ENGLISH AND FRENCH EVERYWHERE!!! Make us proud just like your dad did! And Mr.Trudeau, if you read this, don't let ANYONE influence your decisions! Your mother would probably tell you the same thing! She's witnessed it all!

  • Drew - 7 years ago

    Of course it should be legal! We been saying this for years! What a rediculous poll! No need to ask! Stupid kids writing these articles today!

  • Paul Johnson - 7 years ago

    I was prescribed oxy for a vehicle accident and the pain was excessive without it, I was on a lot of it and it made me so dopey on a couple occasions I had taken my high dose but shortly after still felt pain but was so mentally impaired by the drug it made me forget I took it... so I had doubled the already high dose and nearly overdosed... I probably would have if I didn't realize the signs and got up and walked around until it wore off a bit...

    I later switched to smoking weed illegally obtained because for one, I couldn't OD, another it made the pain tolerable (differently than opiates but worked well) and I could sleep a good 7-9 hours after smoking it where as the opiates had me awake every couple hours with a rolercoaster of feeling high and then feeling pain ..

    There is no reason opiates should be handed out like candy when a safer and physically beneficial medicine like cannabis is there but considered evil and illegal... I will never use an opiate again unless it is for very short term, medically supervised extreme pain situations... it is far too easy to accidentally OD on opiates... even if you are not on other medications... yet weed... has few drug interactions and doesn't depress your central nervous system and respiration!!!

  • Robert Thomas - 7 years ago

    You should also consider if it was legalized, beside the control, tax money, quality improvement, medicinal use without hoops etc... there is the people in prison for cannabis trafficking, possession, etc... why keep people in prison for something that does little more than make people chatty, sleepy or hungry? Open that space up for the crack and heroin pedlars.

    I know it also helps people wean themselves off booze or other addictions as well as allows people with pain to tolerate it better than killing themselves with opiates that need to get stronger because of tolerance build up, when they can use some weed, relax, not feel much pain and actually get good sleep....

    We need to let this genie out of the bottle...

  • John Smith - 7 years ago

    I think it needs to be taken out of criminal hands, regulated and standardized and taxed...

    It is illegal now and teenagers are smoking it like mad because it is taboo... that won't change much but if the money goes to good use line in Colorado, it will be good for everyone.

    I think they should legalize the oil in standardized formulas for medicinal use... there are so many uses for it from skin cancers to other cancers and brain diseases among other things. it is so rare for someone to die from cannabis use, you can say it is harmless, however booze which is legal still gets in kids hands but causes so many more social issues... Also some of the prescription drugs people use impair them but no one stops them from driving because it is a legal drugs... sure they can OD and die but that is OK... yet weed is worse than crack because someone said so... yet no one died from weed overdoses... I don't get it

    I am not a fan of public smoking of anything so that should be banned, but at home or in edible/oil formats it should be legal....

    Colorado has a lot of money for social/educational institutions now and fewer violent crime and drunk driving cases... so now that there are portable test kits for cannabis intoxication the police can use it if stoners get behind the wheel... so there is no reason now that it shouldn't be legalized.

    I am more for the medicinal access in better quality than the govt makes and standardization of the product so people know what they are getting... and for those against recreational use on moral grounds... I'd much rather be around someone on weed than booze... it is time for this stupid ban to end and even more studies performed on this beneficial substance

  • Michelle - 7 years ago

    I don't think legallizing pot will cause kids to start using it anymore than they already are. My 12 year old niece was offered at a birthday last year, so it's already out there. I think if we take the illegal sources away then at least we know it's safer stuff to use. It won't be laced with whatever chemicals and other drugs that anyone could mix with it. The gov't can regulate and tax it. It's a win win in my opinion!

  • Candace Allen - 7 years ago

    The tax dollars will not cover the cost to the health of our young people. Like liquor, young people will be getting an older brother/sister/friend to go into the stores to get the pot for them. I would invite people to take 45 minutes of their valuable time and watch a Nature of Things science documentary called "The Down Side of High." It is available to watch for free on line. Though the science presented in this documentary is only preliminary and not yet conclusive, I would argue it is more than adequate to indicate that significantly more science must be done before legalizing pot for use by anyone. If as this documentary indicates, there is any possibility that heavy pot use could trigger paranoid schizophrenia in even a small portion of the population, we cannot legalize the use of it. Not only could there be legal ramifications to a government that is responsible for legalizing a dangerous substance, a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia cannot be reversed. Additionally, it would be impossible for a government to reverse the legislation because many people will have opened extremely lucrative businesses selling pot and would be more than financially able to lobby the government to keep them open. Not unlike the cigarette industry. We have known for decades that smoking causes cancer, heart disease and stroke and consequently kills yet cigarettes are still available for purchase at every convenience store in the world. Aside from all of that, we already have a mental health crisis in this country and we should not be doing anything to make it worse.

  • Shelley - 7 years ago

    As a person with epilepsy with a legal prescription, this is going to be fabulous for those who need it. It is very regulated and tested for proper cbd and thc amounts. After taking every type of anti convulsion medication with sever side effects I was granted a prescription. It took me to go from 120 lbs down to 83 lbs and a 30 minute seizure they completely stopped my anti convulsion meds. I can control my seizures with cbd and nausea with thc. I have not had a grand mal seizures since I stopped taking anti convulsion meds. There are so many people who have benefited from medical marijuana. I believe that it should not be as difficult to find a doctor who can help you. I also believe that I should be able to go to a dispensary to get what I need to live a somewhat normal life. The more people are educated will bring the social change that is needed. I am sure that there will be certain regulations in place and there will be people who abuse it no different than alcohol. This is what so many people who are in chronic pain or have cancer, ms and epilepsy have been waiting for. No need to feel like a criminal to feel human again.

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