Which past gubernatorial or lieutenant gubernatorial candidate would get your vote for governor in 2018? (Poll Closed)

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  • Gabriel DC - 6 years ago

    I disagree with recent comments that some of these commenters are bullying. I believe they are expressing their views in a public forum. While I don't deny the integrity of Ray Tenorio, I just believe that he is not gubernatorial material. His political track record clearly showcases his strengths, and they are aligned with more ceremonial activity then truly leading. We need someone willing to make the tough decisions, and that means we can't afford 4 years of a politician. Eddie has been tough, he has lead and he did whatever we anticipated. Ray is not Eddie and being the Lt Governor does not mean the tradition continues. I am voting for Lou LG or Frank Aguon since we need someone who can bring leadership to the governors office.

  • Eugene Santos - 6 years ago

    The comments made to attack anyone publicly in social media are no better than the bullies who injured the new kid at school. Ray Tenorio has integrity and the supporters who are not haters like those in this thread. I'm happy what he has accomplished.

  • Joey - 6 years ago

    with all the progress that has been made in 8 years why throw all of that and start over? tenorio will continue to move guam in the right direction. do not be fooled by these false stories from people that do nothing but complain and spread the same rumors. the people know what is right and it showed in the landslide victory last election.

  • FB Jr for Congress - 6 years ago

    Carl Gutierrez has got one more run left in him. He needs to truly unite our islands people. Republicans and Democrats know what they can expect from him at this stage of our political self rule and lives. Frank Aguon Jr. And him can reunite and turn the tide from 2010. Gutierrez/Aguon one more time, STILL THE ONE!!

  • Jonte De Leon - 6 years ago

    luck luck

  • lanchero - 6 years ago

    PDN should fix their system as far as polling is concerned..When Ray Tenorio and Adelup continue to hack the system, we cannot really gauge ourselves with the outcome. I disagree with Dan Cruz. This is the most corrupt administration....an administration that is treated by the federal legal offices as too big to jail because they surround themselves with most of the largest law firms here including his cousin Champ Calvo. The feds like to go after the common people who cannot afford the expensive lawyers. Let's face it finally we hear the the federal government has finally hauling them in including Eddie Calvo's brother in law attorney Mark Smith who bilked us at GHURA. We hear that these agencies that deal with housing like Guam Housing Corp. headed by Martin Benavente is being hauled in as well because he blatantly gave people deals if the would vote for CT. And what about GEDA and Coretech and Henry Taitano? I hope they are finally going down..Too Big to Jail. Count all the recent arrests and indictments and the far out number all previous administration. The media has played softball with this admin and that is why people felt free to commit any crime because no one will go after them.

  • ATrueGuamConservative - 6 years ago

    I really do not believe they are hacking the survey. I truly believe that there are so many political hires ready and willing to perform the task at hand i.e. wasting tax payer money to perform surveys. These so called republicans are true frauds, because no real republican would increase the size of the government, and increase the burden on its tax payers. Especially when the cost comes at a personal benefit to the families in charge. As a vet and as a true conservative, it makes me sick that clowns like Ray Tenorio are allowed to prance around in their fancy cars pretending like they are serving the people, and pretending like they are part of a party without actually possessing the core values and philosophies of it. I actually hope that the Democrats win the Governors race and take over the legislature, so that true reform within the great Republican party can occur, and a new breed of Republicans can rise up, take back the majority, and fix this great island. I do want to clarify that I am referring to the Calvo controlled GOP, and am not referring to all the republican leaders. I want to thank Senator Blas, Espaldon, and Torres for their integrity and conservation of the true ways of the GOP. Please keep it up, and please encourage some of the good young republicans to aspire to lead. It is crucial to Guam's survival.

  • Dan Cruz - 6 years ago

    I disagree Guam672. Poverty is at the highest. Crime is at the highest. Government debt is at the highest. Yes a surging Asian economy is helping our tourism numbers, and I do commend GVB in their efforts. But with the excess borrowing, we are not in any positive state when it comes to financial stability. Even the breadcrumbs from the recent bond borrowing were wiped out because our financial health is in despair. No tough decisions have been made, and there isn't a solid economic recovery plan in place. I am not saying this is worst administration, but please don't claim they are the best. With this noted, Ray Tenorio is not the ideal candidate for Governor in 2018. I think Frank Aguon or Lou Leon Guerrero would be better options.

  • Guam672 - 6 years ago

    The CT team has helped the island progress financially these pass two terms then any other team that left us we all the debt buildup.

  • Connie Cruz - 6 years ago

    Where are Kaleo Moylan, Francis Santos, & Robert Underwood? I would vote for Moylan or Underwood as my top options.

    PDN please re do this poll and place all the options and please prevent the Ray Tenorio office staff from hacking the poll.

  • Buenas - 6 years ago

    Sorry, but none of the above. New faces is what we need. Someone who is not tied with personal or family business issues...

  • Longfellow - 6 years ago

    Kanye West could use this seat as a stepping stone for the White House... Heck if Donald fails we could use a candidate with no relation to the Island. Perhaps this place would be better off with no prims or paries with influence.. Just good honest government!! But hey OOG!!!

  • Sandy F. - 6 years ago

    Looks like the overpaid staff at Ray Tenorio's office have been up all night voting. They should truly ask themselves that other then the cushy job he has provided them, is Tenorio really able to address real issues other then beautification project and public appearances? His track record as a senator is just as weak as it is in Adelup when it comes to tough issues. Plus he was the initiator of the infamous pay raises and retro payments that he himself received. That alone proves that on a character basis he is not governor material. As for those claiming this is the greatest administration ever, just look at all the federal agents on island investigating all these contracts that have been issued. While they are borrowing to pay out refunds in the front door, they are taking more for themselves in the back door. Let's just restart things and pick a newcomer for Adelup. I like Frank Aguon, maybe Lou or even Jimmy. Let's also look at the current AG as an option or possibly get Kaleo Moylan or someone in the private sector with integrity. It really is time to start picking smartly.

  • Frank Perez - 6 years ago

    Former Lt. Governor Kaleo Moylan 50,000 Votes - 85%

  • Joe Castro - 6 years ago

    Yes. Where is Former Lt. Governor Kaleo Moylan on this poll. Restart this poll with him on it. He will be the top vote getter.

  • Sara Smilies - 6 years ago

    Looks like Calvo-Tenorio employees voted this morning. And is CTCGutierrez for real??!!!

  • Sara Smilies - 6 years ago

    Lou Leon Guerrero AND Mike San Nicolas. Time for progress! Lou isn't the greedy type and neither is Mike. Actually, I believe Mike could be ready to run for governor. He's very smart, has common sense (which a lot of those mentioned above lack) and he sincerely has the people's interest at heart (which a lot of those mentioned above lack). It's really time for a change and I hope and pray the citizens of Guam don't suffer from loss of memory come time to vote.

  • CTCGutierrez - 6 years ago

    Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio is the natural choice and will continue the legacy of good aggressive governance. In the Calvo/Tenorio administration, they have done more in these last four and the next four than has been done in the 16 years prior to advance Guam forward. I'm sure whomever he chooses as a running mate will ensure Guam's economic and strategic future will be prosperous with an eye towards ensuring complete confidence in Public Safety, Better Healthcare, and an Educational system that prepares our children to benefit for the next 50 years and beyond. BIBA Guam!

  • Jeff - 6 years ago

    Why is Kaleo Moylan not on this poll? Moylan & Morrison or Ada 2018

  • DTrump - 6 years ago

    Give it to the non-politician, Geri Gutierrez. Too much of the same same in all those other names.

  • Calvo monopoly - 6 years ago

    just get these Calvo monopoly chumps out please. We're in debt. That means no Ray Tenorio. Because people dying in jail Ray! LOL

  • Sinot SN - 6 years ago

    Jack Nicholson & Harrison Ford.

  • Fiscal Responsibility - 6 years ago

    Team of Sen San Nicolas and Sen Tom Ada!

  • Financial Responsibility - 6 years ago

    Ray Gibson agrees with everybody so nothing would get done. If the people want to avoid bankruptcy, Guam will vote for Sen San Nicolas.

  • Danny - 6 years ago

    That fake Waddey guy is a sucker and should never be elected again, he is corrupt and has not done anything for our island

  • Ray Blas - 6 years ago

    Kaleo Moylan. He needs to make a comeback into politics and run for Governor with either Tony Ada or Jim Espaldon. We need someone with business experience to help clean up the debts the island has incorporated over the last 5 years.

  • Mocha - 6 years ago

    Frank Aguon, because it is his time. He is aggressive and does not have special interests. The least electable candidate has to be Ray Tenorio, because his administration will have nice bus stops and clean streets, but crime will be up, and unfortunately he wont know how to handle the economy.

  • Islander 2 - 6 years ago

    None of the above ! Ray Gibson should run for Governor , he is more qualified and has more common sense than all those idiots listed .

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