What Should Chevrolet Do With The Impala?

  • Mike Novak - 4 years ago

    I think that the Impala should definitely continue on in the Chevrolet line. To me, it embodies the very essence of the 'Heart Beat of America', and should be the top of the line Chevy . With today's hi-tech engine developments, the 6 cylinder should be standard, with the 4.8 liter (if still in production) , or the 5.3 as optional. And finally, I personally would like to see a return to a rear drive Impala vs. the current FWD and have a top of the line be available in the SS model. Then watch the sales charts!!

  • Dennis Byard - 5 years ago

    I really think the Impala should be here to stay. The Impala has been around since 1958 it would be a shame to kill the nameplate. However it should be made into an affordable V8 Rear Wheel Drive sedan (with a V6 available). If GM Holden can build the SS why can't GM USA build a RWD Impala. It doesn't have to be 6.2 the 5.3 would do the job or even the 4.8 would work. The Impala could still have a LS, LT and instead of the LTZ it should have a Super Sport model. And keep the price for the SS around 40K. I think the lines of the current Impala is a beautiful car. Build one about the same size using the same or similar lines on a full frame chassis. The current SS is too expensive and not everybody wants a 6.2 V8. Please DO NOT Kill the Impala!

  • Bill - 5 years ago

    Give us a Corvette with 4 doors, sun roof instead of removable roof, maybe a convertible if it takes off.

  • Jim Hardin - 5 years ago

    Put a 6.2 engine as an option and rear wheel drive. its a beautiful car.

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