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  • Robin Mallory - 4 years ago

    I spent the last year putting all of my ducks in a row, so to speak, and working towards retiring in 6 years. Right now I am fighting health issues and every day is a struggle to get going. But I am not even sure retirement is a reality since every year costs go up and health insurance is through the roof. But I can assure you, if I do retire it will NOT be in NY! Plus I totally agree with the Town of Clinton comment. Thank you, sir for saying it like it is.

  • David - 4 years ago

    Since I've learned to live within my means and pay myself first before anything I will now retire very comfortably. With no debt and investing regularly it is now a blessing. Want to know more about it search Dave Ramsey.

  • Flip Montana - 4 years ago

    I was planning on retiring but due to recent developments, The Governor is going to Veto the Veterans Equality Act, and in Putnam County Government they are balancing their Budget on the backs of the retirees by Raising the cost to the retiree of healthcare insurance two fold. From 5% now to 25-30 %. So most who pay now appx. $85 a month for single plan and $135 for family plan will be paying close to $550- $700 per month from their fixed income. This is still not finalized as the Legislature has to vote on it this coming Wednesday !

  • Eileen Reilly - 4 years ago

    Taxes will force me to retire outside of NYS. It is time for NY to change how taxes are assessed. School Taxes should be assessed based on income!! Not the current method of real estate. My tax burden is higher than my mortgage and when I retire I will no longer be able to afford to live in the state I grew up in and love.

  • Mart Warren - 4 years ago

    I had planned to retire in the Town of Clinton to go over the tax cap for 2016 and we will get no rebate. Thanks Molinaro for diverting money away from towns so you could "lower" county taxes when you are just turning them into town taxes. Thanks Town of Clinton for spending public money on things like mowing lawns in a PRIVATE cemetery. We are redoing basketball courts, talking about redoing tennis courts no one even uses and we will be over the tax cap. Read the Board minutes on line. Pojo, don't ignore Clinton. Look into it and continue to follow the tale of the two fire departments within it. One is open and one is very secretive about finances.

  • Stanley Quick - 4 years ago

    There is no way I could possibly afford to retire in Dutchess County (or, New York, for that matter). It's just way too expensive to live here, thanks to all the development, which has driven the cost of living through the roof.

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