Should Aliya be charged with a crime?


  • D - 8 years ago

    Heck I was hit in the head with a bowling pin 40 years ago. Assault??? We grew up hard. These days grab your joysticks and stay home in front of a TV and please don't play football with your friends without pads. You might just get assault charges against you. Teacher needs to get a job other than teaching children or learn what a couple day suspension is. I spent 21 days total over 7 different times my sophomore year and did much worse. World is weak these days. Ok your done reading can go back to playing your video games.

  • Cathy - 8 years ago

    Too all the sanctimonious people saying she's "white trash" and "she deserves it": have you never rolled through a stop sign? Or passed a stop light after it turns? Or sped over the speed limit? These are far more dangerous acts. Maybe we should lock everyone up for poor judgment. Ha! Then there will be nobody left...

    Whoever is without sin throw the first stone...

  • Paula - 8 years ago

    For everyone saying it was "just a carrot" it doesn't matter what it was. It is the simple fact that she was so careless and was obviously raised with no discipline and had the nerve to chunk a carrot at an adult...and well to her surprise there were actually consequences. Yes charges may be a little much but that's exactly why the world is going to shit because we have badass kids like her who think shit like this is funny and no big deal...let's not forget the parent who also sees nothing wrong with it. Maybe if she raised her daughter right she wouldn't be getting charged with assault.

  • Michelle - 8 years ago

    If they charge her, all that is teaching her is that if you make any mistakes in life, you will be charged for it. Pretty soon all our youth is going to have a record b/c at some point in time, most kids do something stupid like this. A week suspension should have been enough. She's learned her lesson. Make her take some anger management or something.

  • Unknown - 8 years ago

    Look, the student did intentionally (supposedly) throw a baby carrot at the teacher, so she does deserve punishment. BUT ASSAULT AND BATTERY CHARGES?? REALLY? As a student here I can say that people have done worse things than throw baby carrots, and they all came out with like a two day suspension. The absolute MOST she deserves is a week suspension. Honestly, if you got a call saying your child threw a baby carrot at her teacher, you would be furious. But you would be even angrier if you found out a teacher couldn't handle a less-than-two-inch vegetable and decided to press charges (not just angry with the student, but with the teacher). Ridiculous.

  • lovely - 8 years ago

    OMG!!!!!!Really assault as they say in football c'mon man, did the carrot hit her in the EYE?????

  • Mike - 8 years ago

    Any police officer who would even write something like this up is a joke. And as for the teacher, sorry your pussy hurts, but it was a fucking carrot. Get over it and leave the poor girl alone.

  • Quincy Rollins - 8 years ago

    I think this ii the most rediculous thing I have ever read in my life. I've been through the henrico counry court system plenty of times as a juvenile and I've never heard such petty garbage. Your charging a child of 14 years old with assualt and batter because she threw a baby carrot at you . I see the comments of people saying "a carrot today a rock tommorow " and "she's white trash". First off really why the racism . I'm mixed playing both sides and find that offensive. She's not white trash and don't sit up here and act like you didn't do things like this in school we've all done them. Second its a carrot toughen up it didn't kill you or break a bone. Thirdly moody middle school is known as a very prestigious middle school but honestly this has made me loose all respect for them. Charging someone with assualt and battery with a weapon is serious and that girl could get sent up-state and she's not ready for that. #wtf and before you charge her at least let her throw a couple packs of baby carrots till a bruise appears.

  • ag - 8 years ago

    Unbelievable how they blow up everything out of proportion. Just another way for us the tax payer to have to shell out millions to some idiot.

  • Kyle - 8 years ago

    My first reaction was this is way overboard and idiotic. But after seeing their pictures and reading a couple stories on it i have drawn some conclusions that this family looks a lot like white trash and i have a strong belief that girl changed her story once she realized things got real serious. "She didnt intend to hit her in the forehead and it was a just a joke" a joke for who? Sounds like bullying and it sounds like it was a former teacher she didnt like or who probably flunked her. Like another commentor said the mom shows no remorse or mention of disciplining her daughter. I still feel its overboard but this definitely warrants something on her record. School or criminal. Id say a week suspension because i get the feeling shes done this sort of thing to people she doesnt like before and probably worse to someone her age

  • Necro - 8 years ago

    A carrot today, maybe a rock in a few months and in the future something a lot worst. Somewhere need to stop, If the Teen don't take any responsibility and parents don't take any responsibility or care so what person will be responsible for that teen actions? I wonder how her Parent would feel if somebody goes and throw a carrot to her face? Or all the people that said that is just a carrot, what they would feel if some teen comes and throw carrots to your faces? or your mother faces? or anybody face that you care?

  • D - 8 years ago

    No, this girl should not be charged. Are you kidding?! I have never heard of anything so stupid. The adults involved in pressing these charges should be embarrassed! Reprimanded, ok. Make her write 100 times "I will not throw a carrot again". The problem is that the schools don't know how to handle the real problems. They take situations like this, go over board in their punishment and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Ridiculous. The carrot from lunch was considered a weapon?! In my opinion, the family should sue the school for selling her daughter the weapon! Was there a holding period for a background check? Good lord, a carrot! Grow up!

  • bonnie - 8 years ago

    omg. Really people. Think about that poor baby (carrot). Now maybe if she beat her with a large cucumber. sorry, poor taste.

  • fuckschool - 8 years ago

    White people over react over everything

  • bonnie is evil. - 8 years ago

    Bonnie Upton, you deserve to be flayed alive and shown as display while you scream in pain. You are worse than Isis.

  • SARAH - 8 years ago

    i agree some punishment is due but not as a crime. Just read article about UV student getting assaulted by police for false ID and trying to get into a bar. TURNS OUT ID VALID AND TEST PROVES HE WAS NOT DRUNK. NO PUNISHMENT GIVE TO POLICE. I THINK VIRGINIA NEEDS TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER.

  • Olivia - 8 years ago

    It was just a carrot. This is taking things much too far.
    This shouldn't have been taking any further than a few days of suspension.
    They're treating this as if she was punched in the face.

  • T - 8 years ago

    Should be punished by the school (I'd have no problem with an in school suspension), and her mom (no phone/unsupervised internet for X amount of time), not the criminal courts.

  • Bonnie upton - 8 years ago

    Former teacher here. It was assault. Period. The mother's reaction is part of the problem. No word on HER disciplining her child. Someone has to. Time the smart assed girl got a s erupts message cause she's not getting it at home.

  • Marvin - 8 years ago

    Now the law is going a little to far on a small thing as a carrot next it will be egging a house on Halloween.

  • Ryan - 8 years ago

    You people who voted yes are the cancer that's deteriorating this great nation. The same people who would sue Dairy Queen for giving you a brain freeze. Look down at your feet when you pass me on the sidewalk, please.

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