SPEAK UP: Have you ever used a local food pantry? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Do you feel like you will be prepared for retirement? 111 YES, 164 NO

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Poll posted 4 years ago.


  • Karen - 4 years ago

    I donate to two food banks/pantries on a regular basis. I try to remind myself about how many are in need every time I food shop. We never know when our circumstances could be different.

  • M - 4 years ago

    Interesting so what seems like quite a few of the "poverty-hunger" stories tend to have some version of "so and so, a mother of X", where 'X' is more than 2 and there is no father/husband mentioned.

    I'm all for charity to those who need a hand up, but people need to be responsible for their choices. If you can't afford the first kid I doubt having 3 more will improve your situation.

    Personal responsibility. It matters.

  • bill tolli - 4 years ago

    Never had to use one but glad there out there for people who need them.It`s a shame when the US sends BILLIONS of dollars to other countries and we have people in our own country going hungry and homeless vets. THAT`S WHY WE NEED DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT

  • Lady Lagrange - 4 years ago


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