What's your reaction to the report on the risks of eating red and processed meats?


  • Trish - 7 years ago

    How long you live has just as much, if not more, to do with genetics, then it does with diet. I come from a long line of meat, and most especially, bacon eaters. Not one person in the last 5 generations has died before their 84th birthday, several made it into their 100's. If your yearly physical shows you are healthy and you are enjoying life don't change anything.

  • Bryan McInerney - 7 years ago

    And we must remember that the mortality of vegetarians is 100 per cent.

  • alan - 7 years ago

    I already limit my processed meats. I probably eat too much red meat, but I'm still going to have it a few times a week. Otherwise, I tend to eat chicken and fish. Those aren't exactly healthy choices either.

  • honcho13 - 7 years ago

    Agree with the previous posters - the poll is not comprehensive enough. I stopped eating beef, pork and lamb over 15 years ago. It's now mostly chicken this and that, chicken bacon, and chicken hot dogs, with turkey substitutes once in awhile. And believe it or not, my cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight (I dropped 50 lbs down to 160) are all much better. BUT I also cutout snacking and eat only two meals a day (brunch and dinner) and - here's a biggie - I stopped drinking soda (that's "tonic" for Bostonians)!

  • Sue - 7 years ago

    I voted 'not changing my diet', because I already limiting meat and processed food. This poll is confusing.

  • Susan - 7 years ago

    The poll was intrinsically flawed. I voted 'not changing my diet', because I already follow a healthy diet - few processed foods and all things in moderation. Eating a few hot dogs a year isn't going to give anyone cancer.

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