Should the new landfill accept asbestos? (Poll Closed)

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  • bart lawrence - 5 years ago
    if asbestos is so inert and safe as a "mineral", then why are all the recent special actions and policy changes needed to have it disposed of in the Layon landfill? ditto for biological and nuclear waste! there are specific requirements for disposal of all toxic hazardous waste and materials. just follow them. furthermore, any community in-line of sight and smell has the right to say no more than what s currently permitted. particularly when there are established hazardous waste disposal proceedures in place. this landfill was not designed nor is it permitted for abestos! just say no!

  • bart lawrence - 5 years ago

    yes, both toxic and hazardous and Layon Landfill is not permitted nor designed to accept this type of hazardous material. major point is the majority of the people is this community don't want it buried there. respect those wishes, honor that communities

  • Eric - 5 years ago

    Still waiting on my Tax Refund...

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    Yes , they should bury the asbestos in the landfill , they should also put nuclear and biological waste in our landfill also . This Gov Guam leadership is a testament to all the things that's wrong with our island , nothing is ever for the publics safety or service anymore only for their personal interests and interests of their familia . Tao Tao greedy Hao ! Dunkulu si Yuus maase gov Guam . Pathetic record of public service . I hope the F.B.I starts investigating some of the dealings gov Guam is conducting .

  • Ray - 5 years ago

    I am very glad we have people that can think this out. These are the people we need to be sitting behind an EPA desk making good decisions for the people of Guam. I agree lets not even contaminate the air if we don't have to and the people staying just down the road from the landfill having to smell and inhale all this bad stuff. Lets contain the asbestos and send it out to the right place. No need to even think why we have to dump in the Landfill. Get ur done.

  • IslandLife - 5 years ago

    Asbestos is a mineral. It is not a "toxic" or "hazardous waste." The only risk it presents is inhalation if fibers are released through improper handling. It will not leach, it will not evaporate, it will not decompose, it's as stable as a rock. There's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be allowed to be disposed of in a permitted facility where it will be entombed forever.

  • bart lawrence - 5 years ago

    absolutely not! this is a very toxic and dangerous waste. a waste that must be disposed of properly, there are no such facilities on Guam to accept it, legally. the Layon landfill has specific design limitations. it was not designed to accommodate a hazardous waste like abestos. to permit this action to take place would be a crime commited against the people of this island now and forever into our future.

  • roy evans - 5 years ago

    With all these Chamarro rights activists and ant military buildup peons and now dump asbestos ? Iadai

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