Is Move NY's plan worth paying a toll for?


  • Barbara - 7 years ago

    Don't think it' s a good idea. Think of seniors- traveling to the city requires climbing a total of 100 steps. The buses do Not run on schedule. At 46th street, 3 buses show up at once resulting in a 30 minute wait. So, car/ is often a necessity- including doctor's visits, museums theater etc necessitating an $11 toll trip.
    The traffic at 10 through 2 is not bad over the bridge- imagine the back-up at the Plaza with cars waiting to pay the tolls! The queens midtown tunnel is a horror backup of people waiting to pay tolls at multiple booths. The QueensBorough bridge only has 2 lanes- the backup will only get worse.
    A big problem is that there is construction in Manhattan on 60th street between park and Madison Avenue so that the backup coming off the bridge is stalled and there is no left turn onto lexington avenue.
    Jimmy Van Bramer should be aware of this and try to make some changes with Dept of Transportation.

  • Vida .. a concerned mother already at wit's end - 7 years ago

    I am a concerned mother with a special needs child and there are many like us who you all don't think about with all this greedy money hungry let's toll the world foolishness. Mta gets millions and doesn't budget right nor take care of they passengers full of unhygienic germs and never on time but always raise fares and never have money . That is called greed and improper management and people up top skimming money into their own pockets. I work in the medical field, probably have seen or will see one of you in the office because you need a major surgery .. , we've seen plenty mta workers who need surgery I have had to fill out millions of forms for them so they dnt lose they job .. but they always want to cry they need a pay raise .. well guess what ? 8+ years in a surgeon office I work. Started off at $8 and the only reason it's more now is because of the state minimum wage was raised more than $8 so now I am minimum wage with a special needs child that only I take care of . No one helps me. I am already financially at wits end and you want to put tolls on more bridges and keep raising tolls? Stop being lazy and collecting money from already struggling people, because you never know when you might be in a worse predicament than I am. And that's not good .

    I hope that you all going to be paying my rent personally if I am going to have to pay a toll on a bridge just to go to another boro for my daughter or my doctors appointments and before someone try and get a smart mouth.. not all boros have good doctors in all fields ..some boros have better doctors depending the medical dx. And yes I work in the medical field so I am very well versed on this issue

  • Owen May - 7 years ago

    I reside in Wisconsin, where there are no tolls on roads or bridges. But I grew up in the close shadows of the Queensboro and Triborough bridges — in Astoria and Woodside — and often asked myself sitting in traffic even then: does it really cost all this 24/7 per-vehicle tariff to keep the bridges and tunnels of NYC functioning safely and efficiently?

    In Wisconsin, we somehow cover the cost of excellent roads and bridges without tolls. I suspect if a toll was introduced here, it would spiral ever higher. That seems, after all, the natural order of things — more money prompting more spending prompting the call for more money, etc. etc. etc.

  • Carlin Langley - 7 years ago

    We already pay ENOUGH F-in TOLLS and FARES and SURTAXES that goes in MTA's coffers, and yet we CONTINUOUSLY get treated like red-headed step-children by them. When a Queens bus goes out of service, it just leaves a gap in the service, which can result in waiting AN HOUR for the next bus, but if a Manhattan bus goes down, another one is immediately dispatched to fill the gap. The 7 train is ALWAYS being taken out of service for MONTHS at a time every weekend, and has been for YEARS, with no improvement in service or reliablity. I'm sick and tired of padding the bonuses and salaries of MTA executives for doing HORRIBLE JOBS at managing NYC's transportation systems! WE DESERVE BETTER with the prices we already pay, without adding MORE TAXES AND TOLLS on top of it! You take an UBER car- MTA gets a piece of the fare... Take a yellow cab- MTA gets their share... MILLIONS of riders ride back and forth to work DAILY and pay their fares. The tunnels collect exorbitant tolls each way. HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE BEAR?????

  • AMH - 7 years ago

    Having free bridges right next to tolled facilities makes no sense. Neither does a $15 toll to go from Brooklyn to NJ, with a free alternate route across lower Manhattan. I want to see a unified, logical system with different agencies working together. Move NY looks like the best chance of this happening.

  • pat - 7 years ago

    I agree with Mixx

  • Mixx - 7 years ago

    van bramer is a total tool that should be kicked out of office - his policy's have been nothing but bad for queens - go away

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