Do you support the pay raises for lawmakers and other elected officials? (Poll Closed)

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  • George - 5 years ago

    I don't support the raises for lawmakers, the Governor and Lt. Governor. Repeal the raises. What are elected officials doing to improve the island? Look at all the corruption on island. Why does the airport need to pay consultants million dollar contracts, when they can hire staff for those projects and pay them $40K-$60K a year each. How did Ray Tenorio and Brant McCreadie get the million dollar airport contract for maintenance, and if their company is cleaning the airport, then why does the airport still have maintenance staff? Why isn't the government forcing Dennis Rodriguez to pay for his millions in taxes? Why is the government considering entering into a contract for trash incineration with GRRP when they know it will end up costing tax payers millions each year. Who benefitted from Rodriguez's gambling law from 2 years ago? Not the hospital for sure.

  • Jesse Castro Jr. - 5 years ago

    I am surprised about the comment from Jesse Castro. Did you just read what you said? I am sure you are upset as you are probably working in Adelup or for one of the senators, but let's not start a discussion about something being politicized. This teacher is essentially reminding the community about this issue which if you can recall, upset many of our residents last year. The politicizing started when Ray Tenorio quickly called the senators into session to push a bill that gave himself and a select few some ridiculous raises. As for the kids, this is a great practice into getting them engaged into government activity. You do understand that the kids in this project are honor roll students and "this" teacher educates them. As for the poor SAT scores, the question you should asking is "what is Adelup or the Legislature doing about it?" We are should be asking that question.

  • Jesse Castro - 5 years ago

    Lets just move on from this issue. So politicized. Now we have this Simon Sanchez Teacher throwing kids into the controversy to obviously get his personal view across. I think this is wrong and should be investigated. Can he just please focus on educating these kids, because right now they are all failing in their SAT's. Maybe we should reduce his pay for his failure to educate these kids to pass a easy test. Move on.

  • Emerson uy - 5 years ago

    No because we dont want to happen and its unfair for everyone only they can get raise others hu are working hard to earn money doesnt have raise so they to be fair and dont corrupt ...guam dont think of yourself think of everyone love the people of guam thats why ur sitted as a senator to help people of not to help your self have more money than them ...people will no longer vote sentors if you do that and they will that we dont need senators no more if they corrupt and think of themselves em i right

  • Buenas - 5 years ago

    Our opinions don't matter because they do what they want to do anyways! It's up to us (the voters of Guam) to keep them out of office by NOT VOTING FOR ANY OF THE CURRENT SENATORS....

  • Leon Tai - 5 years ago

    Let us also remember who planted the senatorial pay raise seed, " Lt. Gov. Ray Tenerio" presented the Bill to the Legislature. It came from the Executive Branch. So when you consider candidates for re-election make sure you include the whole.

  • A. Johnston - 5 years ago

    No one to blame but the voters. We continue to vote for career politicians, Until we are willing to make that change, nothing will.

  • guam - 5 years ago

    HELL NO!...Don't they know we need to fix up our public schools first? Elected officials are there to serve the public, not for the public to serve them a higher salary. WHAT A JOKE. Will keep those who voted against repealing the raises in mind when voting. You WILL NOT be on my vote!...Get real!

  • Eric - 5 years ago

    Everyone deserves raises. I believe this is the first time proposed in a long time...btw..still waiting on my tax refund....

  • Samatha Toves - 5 years ago

    @ Guam Gal. you are righ.. Vote them all out. Evening the ones that voted NO .. took the raise. Hypocrites.

  • Guam Gal - 5 years ago

    Sorry needed to complete my comment. Dennis Rodriguez was a swing vote, but let's remember the 9 senators who voted to keep the raise in 2016.

  • Guam Gal - 5 years ago

    I think what needs to be clear is that Ray Tenorio initiated these raises. Let's remember this in 2018. Secondly, Rory Respicio is the culprit in increasing senatorial salaries over the last decade. Finally, Dennis Rodriguez was the swing vote in assurin

  • Private sector - 5 years ago

    Private sector want all Government of Guam employees pay raise to end. We will stop paying taxes to pay teachers who are not helping improve our kids test scores. They are just sitting collecting a check. Yes. reward only good performers.

  • well off - 5 years ago

    I'd be willing to give back an 11 cent raise I got for twenty plus years of service if the senators will do the same.

  • LT - 5 years ago

    Next election is THE TIME for NEW candidates to run. This will be your BEST opportunity to get elected.

  • Sonya G - 5 years ago

    No Government of Guam pay raise for all employees period. Why just elected officials? Teachers are failing our children & GPD can't keep us safe, but they also got a raise??? The hospital is killing our people, but we give them a raise too.

  • Tina Esteves - 5 years ago

    Guaranteed the poll numbers would be different if the question was : Do you support the pay raises for Government of Guam employees ? Going after just elected officials is just playing politics. I want to see all government of guam raises end. Start with DOE - recent test scores from our students are POOR. They don't deserve a penny increase.

  • Ray - 5 years ago

    I totally agree with the comments being made. STOP, No pay raise for elected officials to include everyone else within the Government of Guam sector. If fact they should cut more senators. I'll be fair (5) Rep and (5) Dem. and use the money for Education for the kids.

  • Gerry Camacho - 5 years ago

    I agree with Frank. Even public safety is a big issue. Stop all law enforcement raises too until they can proof the island safer. No raises for anybody.

  • Frank S - 5 years ago

    Why just elected officials? Stop ALL pay-raises given to every government employee. Why? The entire government is failing especially teachers are failing our children. Roll back their raises too until we can see SAT scores go up.

  • Bill Gibson - 5 years ago

    This greedy gang should not try to get re-elected....we can't trust any of them. NONE of them could get or keep regular jobs that pay that kind of money --next election we should VOTE AGAINST ALL INCUMBENTS. Never mind repealing the raises...let's just REPEAL ALL INCUMBENTS.

  • R.U. Maanao - 5 years ago

    This lot of senators deserves to be booted out of office. They really have a lot of gall to give themselves a raise. They add no value to our well being and our island. They expect people to fear or respect them snd berate people when it suits them. Time for the old timers to go. While we are at it, we should talk term limits.

  • Tk - 5 years ago

    This senator and government official should be not elected next year. They have too many government employee for small island.

  • Joe B - 5 years ago

    I don't agree with the raise and I don't agree with the number of senators for our little island. I think we should have half the mayor's too!

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    Absolutely not !
    Get your priorities straight Gov Guam ! You are supposed to be working for the people of Guam and not for yourselves !

  • No - 5 years ago

    We'll find out soon enough on election day 2016!

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