What gets your blood boiling the most on the road?

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  • Marg - 4 years ago

    The left lane is a passing lane.. If you are not passing traffic in the right lane then get out of the left lane as soon as if is safe to do so. You are not a Police Officer. On your G1 and G2 road tests to get your licence you are tested on moving out of the passing lane into the driving lane on the right. END OF DISCUSSION!! All of the above makes my blood boil.

  • John Sewell - 4 years ago

    How about people who take 2 lanes when they turn? Or people who weave in and out of traffic, cutting you off a foot or two ahead!

  • Nad - 4 years ago

    I am surprised drunk driver isn't number 1.

  • NOT a Joe - 4 years ago

    Canadians are taught from the tge school in a "you arevdifferent.. unique" - selfish way. Once you understand this - the picture becomes very clear. They are "unique" on the roads, where there are rules, they are "unique" to judge others as they see fit - even if they have to blow the whole world up - extreme of american breed.

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