Would you like to see Parkes Shire Council amalgamate with any or several neighbouring councils?

Posted 3 years.

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  • R. Harris - 3 years ago

    Amalgamate or loose identity. By standing alone Councils will cease to exist when in future Councils that amalgamate now will take over those coubcils that avoid the current amalgamation. Amalgamation now guarantees future councils existance.
    The edict that Bankrupt councils will be forced to amalgamate guarantees the Orange/Cabonne amalgamation. This is because Orange is already Bankrupt. The only argument remaining is "What will the new council be called"?
    Amalgamation seems to be a 50 year event. We have already had amalgamations before. Parkes/Goobang Forbes/Jemalong, and so forth.
    Parkes should submit am ambit claim to amalgamate with Lachlan, Forbes,Wedden and Bland with the western part of Cabonne. This then has the likely outcome of Parkes/Lachlan amalgamation and Forbes/weddin amalgamation.
    The ambit claim is not as silly as it seems, such a new council uniting the five councils would be a force to be reconned with by future Governments. Hence the likely rejection by the Government.

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