Do you agree that Guam is not being adequately reimbursed for the impact of regional migrants? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    125 votes

  • No
    48 votes


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  • Joseph Mendiola - 4 years ago

    Guam must do something to force the USA that we are serious. Otherwise, they will NOT take due notice. Its the nature of the beast to ignore our plights as its no skin off their nose. Seriously, we should. Otherwise they will never never ever even meet us HALF way. Never ever. GET IT?

  • JCruz - 4 years ago

    I think that GovGuam should be paid what is owed and then go from there.

  • Eric - 4 years ago

    They need to be reimbursed like I need my tax refund.

  • Sampsonac - 4 years ago

    GovGuam and our senators need to do the math. Read the reports/audits conducted by the Department of Interior (inspector General) and Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA). They also need to read the Compacts of Free Association (CFAs) with the FSM, RMI, and Palau.
    I believe the Feds (Congress) will reimburse/ pay more if we can justify/validate our INCREASED costs. It's in the CFAs. What we (Guam) haven't done with our requests for reimbursement calculations is include the economic contributions from migrants. While it is true that many migrants are unemployed and require public assistance, look around and see how many migrants are performing entry level jobs; e.g. construction, groundskeeping, restaurants, stores, etc.
    Another thing we have not done with our requests for reimbursements is exclude cost increases generated by our local population growth (public assistance, education, crime, etc.)
    Since 1993, it appears that all we've done is take the numbers from the previous year, add to them, and send in our request for reimbursement without making adjustments to correct errors pointed out in various audits/reports. That is why GovGuam and the media are saying that the Feds owe us hundreds of millions$ in compact reimbursements.
    A good accountant/accounting firm will be able to assist in determining a true cost increase resulting from CFAs.
    I believe that some of our politicians know this (they've seen the reports/audits), but it would be political suicide to point out our mistakes because Compact Impact reimbursement is a very sensitive and emotional issue. GovGuam officials and other politicians would also look bad.

  • Islander 2 - 4 years ago

    Just close the gates for these FAS/FSM migrants and force the Feds to pay up first !

  • Jesse A.B. Camacho - 4 years ago

    Congress knows what the numbers are. I am hoping that our local senators know what the numbers are. Do the math! Does anyone believe that the feds are giving us adequate funding for migrants? I doubt it. They continue to open the doors for migrants to enter other countries but yet, do not fund it. Go figure.

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