Heat Two: Favourite Book Cover? (Poll Closed)

  • Book One: Garth Nix - Clariel (BookCover by S Ciaffaglion/Sandra Nobes)
    31 votes

  • Book Two: M. G. Leonard - Beetle Boy (BkCover by Julia Sarda)
    86 votes

  • Book Three: Lucy Coats -Beasts of Olympus -Steeds of the Gods (BkCover by David Roberts)
    41 votes

  • Book Four: Katherine Rundell - The Wolf Wilder (BkCover by Gelrev Ongbico)
    40 votes

  • Book Five: Philip Reeve - RailHead (BkCover by Shutterstock)
    1 vote


Posted 4 years.


  • Karen - 4 years ago

    The bold simplicity of Beetle Boy works really well. It's very eye catching and encapsulates the title and content very well within the cover. Children will be drawn to this cover.

  • Nick Tankard - 4 years ago

    All great covers but I think there's some magic going on on The Wolf Wilder.

  • John Fulton - 4 years ago

    I'm with Gordon - Railhead is my book of the year, too, and I agree that the cover is just a little bit anonymous. I think it could have done with an Ian McQue-style painting of a wartrain blasting through a K-gate instead of just the logo.

    But I think that while The Wolf Wilder's cover doesn't quite live up to the contents of the book, or indeed to the other illustrations within the pages, it's still the most striking of the current set of designs.

  • Gordon - 4 years ago

    Railhead is probably my book of the year, but, although powerful in its way, the cover is ultimately too anonymous to do this brilliant and original novel full justice. Clariel is a rich and powerful addition to the Abhorsen books, but the cover is just too like too many others in this genre (which the book is not). The Lucy Coats cover is, in its different style, also too reminiscent of many others; publishers playing very safe. The Wolf Wilder is another outstanding book, and wonderfully illustrated. It nearly made it for me, but the cover is actually not the very best of it, failing to fully capture the tremendous dark power of the story. So, judging for once by the cover only, my vote here goes to Beetle Boy, clean and arresting, humorous and intriguing at the same time. It would certainly make me pick it up from a bookshop shelf (when it gets there) - if I hadn't already preordered it.

  • Tabby Cat - 4 years ago

    The attraction to this one was instantaneous! Amazingly beautiful artwork!

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