Do you believe cheating is in our DNA?

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  • Black Gaytheist Pilot - 9 years ago

    I feel I should qualify my answer. I said yes, it's genetic, but I don't mean we are all horn dogs who can't control our impulses. Our biology pushes us to overeat high energy foods (like sugar) because our ancestors didn't know when the next meal was coming, and we are pushed to procreate. Our biology may push us to fuck every viable partner in sight, but our culture helps to tamp those impulses down. I work with a lot of straight dudes, and I know for a fact that at least a third of them have if not full on had sex with someone other than their wife, they've engaged in inappropriate behavior with someone outside their marriage. I dunno, maybe they are just all shit-bags, and they might try to use biology as a justification.

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