What Is Starlin Castro's Trade Value?

  • Jimbob Robert - 6 years ago

    My rankings in terms of players likely to get dealt. Coughlan, Castro, Baez, Soler. The problem with dealing the latter 3 is they are still young, relatively cheap and under team control for a while, but they would be selling (sort of) low on all of them. Unless Solers value got the Daniel Murphy effect.

  • James - 6 years ago

    You would rather sign Shark than Price? SMH. Why sign a free agent that will have a first round pick tied to him? You could sign Price, Cueto, or Zimmermann and keep the 28th pick. Another thing that I have heard no one consider is to put your teams best athlete (Bryant) in CF. no way is Almora ready by mid-season. I like this lin-up
    Russel SS
    Schwarber LF
    Rizzo 1B
    Bryant CF
    Soler RF
    Castro 2B
    Montero C
    Baez 3B

  • Amie - 6 years ago

    Doesn't look like the Cubs have any interest in trading Castro. Baez is far from a proven hitter and he still strikes out too much, where as Castro is a contact hitter who worked hard this past season when then asked him to change position and changed hit hitting stance at well. His power numbers are already going up. Why should they trade him? Though I do understand he is a popular player to talk about every year. Let talk about Rizzo instead?

  • lolwhat - 6 years ago

    AL East also has the Red Sox set at 2nd base with Pedroia. Also has Holt backing him up and with Moncado in the system profiling as a 2nd basement I don't see this as a fit. Also, Schoop isn't bad in Baltimore... Yankees have refsynder coming up but that might be the only place that'd remotely possible in AL East

  • ER - 6 years ago

    @BC If Goins is lucky he can be Mark Grunzelanek(spelling) but he''s a platoon guy at best. Travis has to stay healthy and play a few games before we call him Robbie Alomar.

  • Mil - 6 years ago

    Everyone loves to play gm. I'm not trading Castro for someone with lower value just to trade him. I think Baez will play third next year. You seen how much he hurt us at ss in the nlcs. Third is a much lighter position for a young guy to prepare for. I think Bryant goes to right field soler goes to left, almora should be ready by the middle of next year lets no go crazy and spend big money. I trust theo will stick to the plan in place. schwarber and conteras get to catch more. We get rid of Ross, and montero. I'd like to see Ross stay on as a coach. I would love to sign lackey and shark and stay away from the ultra high contract Price is going to demand and I don't want Zimmerman who's not a power pitcher. I'd love to trade for drew storen. I hear he's available and maybe somebody like kimbrel to shore up our bp.

  • BC - 6 years ago

    The whole AL East doesn't have any second baseman? I guess Devon Travis and Ryan Goins aren't second basemen. I would have either of them over Castro!!

  • ER - 6 years ago

    I think he can have a career similar to Edgar Renteria, he won't be great but he can be pretty damn good. Cubs missed their chance to pry one of those Mets arms last year. But there are plenty of teams(the whole AL East for example) that don't have a second baseman, so who knows maybe someone will overpay if the Cubs thrown in some cash.

  • 9 - 6 years ago

    Castro has more value staying with the Cubs than being dealt. Id keep all the infielders and move Soler

  • Ethan - 6 years ago

    Teams that stocked up on prospects but have a chance at contending this upcoming year would be a good place for him. I think of Mariners, Rays, Rockies, Athletics, Nationals. They could get a AAA starter off the 40 man roster with some upside to be a middle of the rotation guy in his prime.

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