Gayle's Wig Is ...


  • S. Holt - 1 year ago

    Had an idea, they need to put Gayle King on 'The Hair Tales' maybe then we can know what the hex is going on LOL. I pray nobody blows up my house but came across her googling & yes, it's been the elephant in the room for yrs! 'Nyt

  • Sarah Holt - 1 year ago

    Just finished watching tonight's episode of 'The Hair Tales' interesting but made me thk of Gayle King.. today or yest. she wasn't on. All I know is that I enjoyed the news.. Not annoyed or feeling anything neg. I Cannot define what it is that's irritating abt her? My previous comment abt credible.. Walter Cronkite Jr. didn't wear a toupee. The series is fascinating, I need to email the OWN network or something I just thought of a an advantage black women have over white women re: hair. I watched the Chris Rock thg yrs ago abt hair, I I love Chris Rock.

  • S. Holt - 2 years ago

    Wow, viewing my comment the 4 (????) twice we're supposed to be emojis. The first one being a rose and the last being praying hands.

  • S. Holt - 2 years ago

    A good day is when Gayle King is off! Hard to find her credible when she wears fake hair. Be real please. There are so many amazing women who are beautiful with very short cropped hair. It blew my mind, her deal breaker with men with bad teeth and yet she has fake hair? Maybe they'd like a woman with real hair or at least honesty about what's going on. If she would just be open as to the reason why we would be compassionate but when you've been trying to pull off this fake look for years I'm sick of it. That goes for the trumpets as well, probably her idea. Too 'in your face' Please get rid of the trumpets. I agree 100% about bad teeth but how can you sit there and say that when you're wearing a wig? I admire her for one or two things and that's it. She was so hated on about the Kobe Bryant incident.. I appreciated her honesty for bringing it up because the truth is I wouldn't even know who he was if it weren't for that incident as I don't care about basketball or most sports but do watch the news. Also re: her interview with R Kelly, thumbs up to that but that's it! She reminds me of a disciplinarian, I may be wrong but seems prejudiced, always having the last word with some snide undertone comment, a teacher you didn't like etc the way she hogs the show, interrupts and talks over people. Let's get somebody fresh. Love 'Glad'! And all the rest.. miss Charlie ???? gee whiz, I wouldn't mind a handsome man like that walking around in a towel in front of me. I know my opinion is brave and hateful and I don't feel good about it but i'd like to enjoy the news and that's being honest. God forgive me ????

  • Teri Gillespie - 2 years ago

    Gayle is fabulous!!! Im shocked at the negative comments.

  • Rwaggoner - 2 years ago

    Tragic wig and painful looking Minnie mouse eyelashes. So distracting.

  • Joan - 2 years ago

    Wow! What nasty comments. Even tho she doesn't reflect my taste, I think she looks great. Always colorful, cheerful and coordinated. And if she wants to wear a wig, so be it!

  • linda - 2 years ago

    Gayle is personoable, bright, a fashionista, love, love, love her...and she is the reason I watch the CBS Morning Show...she has such wonderful style, compassion for her fellow being and a sense of loyalty to what and whomever...
    I am finding it hard to hear what she is saying I am so disturbed about her hiding her face while on TV...she is an attractive woman with lots of common sense and makes many wonderful observeances all the time...we want to see her lovely face...all of it. It is distacting to watch her hair in her eyelashes, hiding her eyebrows, and ever moving the hair to the center of her face. Please Gayle, cut your bangs and take your hair away from your face so we can see that lovely smile. Remember when we always told out children to "get the hair out of your face"...well,
    GAYLE, GET YOUR HAIR OUT OF YOUR FACE and let us see the real you come forth...HUGS

  • Cal Bambi - 3 years ago

    Gayle King is a reincarnated Christmas Tree.
    From her garland wigs to her ornamental glasses to her junk jewellery chains and too much makeup to add more colour right down to her shinny shoes. She looks like a drag queen. Yes she is definitely a reincarnated Christmas Tree.

  • Elaine Ames - 3 years ago

    And another thing. Fire who ever goes her make up, especially her eye brows IMMEDIATELY. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elaine Ames - 3 years ago

    Does she have her own hair or NOT Look , she has had some degree of plastic surgery, weight control and dressing done by the show. Wigs maybe necessary in a fast pace business but, does she have her own HAIR, can we see it please. And, the RAPID blinking is it a tv code or something? A response to company secret messages or what? WHEW !!

  • Jasmine plaumbo - 3 years ago

    Perhaps there is a medical issue. OR TRACTION ALOPICIA

  • Tp - 3 years ago

    This is what happens when people are not honest with their friends and about their opinions. She must know that hair looks stupid or there is something psychologically wrong with her. I guess outward appearance isn't an issue it's what's on the inside, yeah right!

  • Del - 3 years ago

    I hope she fix her wigs ,they always crooked and not combed or bangs on them not cut straight come on fix your wigs !

  • al gross - 3 years ago

    I think her hair sucks and stupid looking. She is a millionaire and can't do anything about the rug. she is also a very racist and works for Oprah Winfrey and I think advertisers Oprah's products for free. I think she should either quit the news channel or quit Oprah's Chief of Operations job. Can't do both and be neural

  • Denice Brink - 4 years ago

    Nasty cheap looking, fake color. What's the deal with her real hair? Does she have any hair?

  • Jean Nunes - 4 years ago

    I like her so much but her wig is so distracting and unbecoming that I wonder if it’s just me. Well after just a little investigation I found that there are others out there that care enough about her to suggest she rethink her hair choices. Out of frustration I, along with countless others are pleading with Gail on a personal level to reestablish her thoughts on a more realistic hair fashion. Something that looks real and less like she is trying get revenge on those who are being ‘mean’ to her. Hopefully she can get a new look for those of us who care about her.

  • Maria Ekena Luna - 4 years ago

    If I were black, or lost my hair, I would take on Lupita Nyongo's look of close cropped hair. I've thought of Gayle King's wigs for a loooong time.

  • Maria Ekena Luna - 4 years ago

    If I were black, or lost my hair, I would take on Lupita Nyongo's look of close cropped hair. I've thought of Gayle King's wigs for a loooong time.

  • Patricia Hammond - 4 years ago

    Really notice her hair being the worse the last few weeks.
    The curls in the front bring her whole face down. Would love to see her all natural.

  • JackieAnn - 4 years ago

    I don't understand to this day why someone in the spotlight would wear a wig and and it never looks good. I'm glad that we as women are not afraid to tell her. Maybe it's just a ploy of hers to get people to watch her, I don't know...

  • Patty Saunders Brown - 4 years ago

    I absolutely hate her wigs! They look old, cheap and unkempt. The color is not flattering for her either. Gayle is amazing, but she does need to change those wigs.

  • Anonymous - 4 years ago

    I'm starting to assume that she has alapecia. Which is really sad but I still would think she can afford some better wigs so I'm so confused at this. Very bright lady so surprised O hasn't told her or even her children. Interesting. Nevertheless may God continue to bless her we can't have it all. She's hot the O!!

  • Amy Marchant - 4 years ago

    Hate the wigs and especially the color. No sense of fashion sense either. All that money’s just not working for her at all. All a matter of taste or lack thereof.

  • Joyce Ann McNair - 4 years ago

    I wondered why Snoop called her dog head, when I see her on tv I realize her wig makes her look like a dog. After that Kobe situation, I can't stand to look at her and her horrible hair. Oprah, fortunately has a beautiful head of hair.

  • Carole lawton - 5 years ago

    Love her hair....real or wig she looks fabulous every day!

  • Art - 6 years ago

    October 2, 2018

    Take those ridiculous wigs off and just go natural like Tamron Hall . Everyone watching the news knows that it is not her natural hair . There are a lot of African American woman with short hair that look professional & CONFIDENT! Anyone tellomg you you look good with those wigs are really lying unless you have an illness of some sort it would be understandable. I’m just letting you know my opinion since they asked for it they’re getting it. ????????

  • Elaine - 6 years ago

    Today, Oct 2, 2018 her wig was very becoming, the color & style was prefect, unlike the disturbing wigs of the past. If she has a bad wig day perhaps she should ware a nice hat or turn on or get a new hairdresser that can advise her on more becoming head wear. Maybe, who ever advises her from the wig down should have the job because she is absolutely stunning (makeup, jewelry, outfit & shoes) otherwise.

  • CHAD C SKILES - 6 years ago

    National TV with messed up hair you would think she makes anough money to get some nice hair very very unprofessional wow and learn how to do an interview nobody wants to hear her ramble on get real two thumbs down to Gail King!!!!!

  • Professional Love for Gale King - 7 years ago

    Let's be real people about Gale King and her choice to wear cheap wigs. It's all about taking care of your whole self, and the willingness to invest financially in your hair. As an African American women who was born with soft and sensitive hair, I learned in my 20s that stress, diet, exercise and heathy hair care is the prescription to a beautiful mane. What caused my hair loss was trauma as a child, and a nasty divorce in my late forties. In both situations, my hair fell out - forcing me to wear a wig; and, in both cases my hair rebounded. As a child, between the ages of 4-7, I did not have a choice in the purchase and styling of this wig. I knew it looked unattractive, and was often confronted, shamefully, by rude adults who teased me. Fortunately, my childhood classmates were innocent and kind. I could never play freely on the school ground jungle bars; always guarded that my wig would fall off if I flipped upside down. As a working professional, earning a highly impressive salary, the second time around on wig purchases took a totally different perspective. First, I chose to invest in a team of two cosmetologist - one that focused on healthy hair and the other who was skilled in weaves, wigs and hair pieces. Both individuals worked together; serving a clientele of highly visible celebrities (who I cannot reveal in this commentary for confidentially reasons), doctors, lawyers and politicians of varying races. What I learned as a client of these cosmetologists was the desire to feel good about yourself while either dealing with permanent or temporary hair loss required a strict routine. Second, I researched and secured a prominent dermatologist who specialized in African American skin and hair. For me, I was medically treated and educated on the proper hair options for me (weaves versus wig) while I waited patiently for my hair to regrow. Third, I sought out quality human hair products; which were not cheap! Fourth, I knew diet and exercise were key. All my life, I was a loyal person to exercise and good health. Why diet and exercise? Well, you can't separate your head from the rest of your body. If your not taking care of your body, decide to slap a wig (or sew hair) on your head, and adorn your body with expensive clothing and jewelry, what do you think you're going to look like? In this process you can't sit back and think your investment is the responsibility of a make up team. You must take center stage on your hair and body. For me, I learned what hair styles, colors and textures fit my petite face and frame. I learned how to wash and set my wigs in between salon visits. As I aged, my cosmetologists and dermatologist taught and advised me as to how my real hair would change with my skin tone . . . such as, lighting for photographs and videos, and summer versus winter, when we have more exposure to the sun. Therefore, It was my responsibility to make sure my human hair wigs matched my real hair. I listened to myself, looked in mirrors and analyzed the compliments. Using these simple assessments, I mixed it up. I enjoy afro (natural) and processed (straight) human hair wigs. At the gym, I wear a bandanna and enjoy the freedom of going wig free. I can swim in my wigs, and look fierce sitting wet poolside (which comes from investing in talented cosmetologists). Oprah and the CBS This Morning make up team can't do this for Gale . . . she must be willing to spend the money she's earning and access the similar sources I've secured to privately invest in herself in order to look her best.

  • Loid - 7 years ago

    My irritation is Gayle talking over guest. She tries to be edgy but come off silly. I cringe when this intelligent woman says cheater cheater pumpkin eater, and on some woman's team when divorcing or fired!

  • Gayle salamone - 7 years ago

    So bad! Distracting! Please get better wigs. Do

  • Deva Maneau - 8 years ago

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Call Oprah! She really needs to go shopping for some real HAIR for Gayle. Maybe she thinks it looks good! What about her friends can't they help a SISTA! Girl go ahead and get that hair done! Or Better still go ALL NATURAL!!!!!! You are beautiful and there is nothing you can do more than get that hair done. Love Ya Gayle!

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