Should Guam lawmakers keep their pay raises? (Poll Closed)

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  • Grande - 5 years ago

    Government officials elected from Governor down to lower echelon have responsibilities to the people of Guam. Welfare of the common people, economy, education, jobs, and the integrity and safety of our health when it comes to Hospitals and Clinics.. The military installation in Guam plays a better role in the stability of the governments economy, without it, we don't know what happens to Guam. Guam Naval Air Station is a good example. When the Navy owns that area of lands and housing. Cleanliness, Orderly and Maintenance of the housing is paramount. Look at it now????!!!!. The people of Guam deserves better. We always hear politicians during election time, about empty promises they preach the people just to get the votes that they need. Once you get elected, think about the people who elected you in office before anything else. What can you do to secure a better way of life to the Government of Guam and the people. The message is loud and clear. WE DO NOT WANT ANY MORE PAY RAISES FOR THE POLITICIANS. I applaud and admire the conviction of the Senator from Agana Heights. Let's make this Legislators job a PART TIME rather than a FULL TIME job. NO MORE COSTLY AND UNNECESSARY TRAVEL....

  • Eric - 5 years ago

    Only if I get my tax refund first....

  • John Doe - 5 years ago

    It's about time this con the senators pulled on us gets some justice. I hope I never have to see those two senators face again. The ones who helped that criminal get a lesser sentence than he deserved.

  • Lani C - 5 years ago

    My answer is not going to change. NO NO NO!

  • John - 5 years ago

    How many times is PDN going to do this same silly poll????

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    TAO TAO RECIND THE PAYRAISE HAO ! Gov Guam cannot even pay down the current debt and now the debt ceiling is being raised another 500 million , how are they going to pay that down ? Theirs no money to repair ,renovate or maintain anything but they really make sure the pockets are filled ! Calvo puts his family and relatives plus friends on government payroll , Tenorio wants keep his wallets full while he bully's his way around , our Legislature is a bunch of greedy , selfish group of incompetent people except for a couple their that has really thought about the people first instead of their wallets. I can't wait for the next election ! My family and relatives plan to vote these greedy bunch out ! Our Government has truely forgotten that they work for the people and not the other way around , our Mayors think they really desrve this PAYRAISE yet they don't keep any records on their spending , all the money raised during the carnival , casino,cockfighting, bingo and fundraisers are being mysteriously spent with no paper trail or reciepts , yet I don't see much improvements in my village ,only band-aid fixes . Where is the money being spent on mayors ? Why do you go to so many off- island trips ? What do you spend your budget on ? Mayor Big mouth Hoffman why don't you request an audit on each mayor including yourself ? Prove to the people you "mayors" are working 24/7 like you say and things are getting done ! Show us , tell us exactly what specifically you guys are spending the money on ! Mayor " Big Mouth" Hoffman , Hafa chelu you say you mayors are legit and doing an outstanding job that entails everything under the book in our villages , can you use your big mouth to prove it to the people instead of just opening your big fat mouth and saying that you mayors are worth every penny of my tax dollars ? PROVE IT ! Mayor "Big Mouth" Hoffman please ask for an audit for each mayor including yourself . Show the people you are spending all the donations and carnival , casino , cockfighting ,bingo and allotted budget wisely ! SHOW US PROOF ! TAO TAO RECIND ALL PAYRAISE HAO !! Do the right thing Gov Guam ! Thanx a lot Gov Guam !

  • Iloveguam4 - 5 years ago

    Yes--like the referendum idea. Let's senators /elected officialsknow that they can never railroad such greedy legislation ever again without repercussions from the voters who put them there to serve us.

  • Taling - 5 years ago

    Amigo, McCreadie and San Nicolas are gunning for staying in office and grabbing more power. This is their perfect storm so hold on tight. I would have more respect and honor them if they both said they weren't seeking another term in office. Hot air is all I sense from them. BIBA election season is upon us and they're both competing for the role of "The Grinch that stole Christmas."

  • Amigo - 5 years ago

    FORGET IT! Don't let those self serving dingbats decide this and turn it into a side show so they can get votes. Make this into a referendum. That way you can see the real answers up close and personal as they ask for our votes.

  • DJ - 5 years ago

    Give them their raises, just not so much. Reduce it by 25%. Same with the mayors. Dali' sa that's just too much. Give them the rest in their next term and not any sooner.

  • ISntsaki, Frank - 5 years ago

    Is that it Frank Ishizaki? You/Everyone wants or doesn't think they need government services until they really do and doesn't want to pay for it.

  • Gary - 5 years ago

    Not until we get control of our run away debt and a crumbling infrastructure. Climbing over 1.57 billion, the current and future taxpayers shouldn't be stuck with this burden.

  • Frank ishizaki - 5 years ago

    Pay raises for all elected and appointed officials should be repealed until public finances improve. We cannot afford their extravagance

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