Should there be term limits for Guam lawmakers? (Poll Closed)

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  • End Corrpution - 6 years ago

    We need to vote smartly the next time around. Let's end corrupted officials and their corrupted actions. Dennis Rodriguez acts all innocent during his speeches, but he is constantly introducing bills to help specific donors. Plus his gambling initiative is hurting many families. Rory Respicio is always striking deals and we should look into how he was able to secure a GHC loan with his salary. Tina Barnes is also striking deals and endlessly traveling on government funds. Ray Tenorio and Brant McCreadie have a huge contract with the airport, and I wonder how they won the bid.

    Let's end corruption now!

  • Franklin M. Maurer - 6 years ago

    Oh heck yeah. The same dolts keep coming back for the cash and personal gain. As far as retirement, after two terms, maybe a quarter of the annual salary. Now the number of senators, that's got to come way down, as well as mayors.

  • Dededo resident - 6 years ago


    Also, Guam needs a smaller legislature. Our current legislature is a financial drain of the islands revenue. Lower the number of senators and mayors then Guam will have money for roads, schools, public safety and healthcare.

  • Retired USA Officer - 6 years ago

    Highly recommend a County size legislative body and smaller mayor numbers. Possibly combine village representation. Pay based on performance is also a great recommendation. Get off-island experts to study demographics of Guam and identify requirements, then recommend type legislative body and organizational make-up. No need for current legislature. Senators do it for pay, influence and other hidden political and financial agendas. Needs to stop now and quit wasting taxpayer dollars and time. Probably end unidentifiable corruption too. Do the study, then let the people decide through their votes. Do it!

  • Butch Irish - 6 years ago

    Please ! Please! There are small towns in the world that are smaller than Guam that run on a City Council. A full Legislature is like having a 1,000 pound Gorilla over for dinner and all you have is 2 cans of spam! Wait!! That's exactly what we have......

  • Primo Don - 6 years ago

    Sweet Jesus make this measure become so! Put this to a referendum and I'm all over it promoting it more than reversing salary increases, reducing numbers of senators, or part-time legislatures.

    This is why sore and sorry leaders like Carl Gutierrez think they are still relevant and can hold a candle to even Doris Flores Brooks. No more Rory, Tina, BJ, Tom Ada, Judi Wonpat, and Dennis either. Can't say much about the others since they have less than 4 years of service in the legislature. I say give anyone no more than 4 terms or 8 years. After that, sayoonara mucha'chos. Go suck on another tit or better yet become a productive business person.

  • Islander 2 - 6 years ago

    If it will help remove Tina Muna Barnes , Rory Respicio , Dennis Rodriguez The three dirty rotten corrupted amigos then absolutely yes ! Plus it will prevent roots from growing out of their big dagaan and things might just start to get done around Guam . Oh lord please make something good come out of all this crap . Ai adei too much headache ! Thanx Gov Guam !

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