Do you think that was an alien UFO?

  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    The government hides everything we both know it's not a missile

  • Angela t - 5 years ago

    It was DEFFINETLY not a missile. Government hides everything. And do you really think we are alone in this universe? Think again.

  • John from la - 5 years ago

    Seen this in person guys it came from space i seen it come in float around then leave its actually scary that was deff a ufo from where idk no missile guys no way

  • Tut neal - 5 years ago

    If it was a missle fire another so we can see.

  • Unknown - 5 years ago

    My uncle works for government planes and etc. And it was a missile testing. I am a Christian so I think it was the missile trsting

  • Unknown - 5 years ago

    My uncle works for government planes and etc. And it was a missile testing. I am a Christian so I think it was the missile trsting

  • Daniel - 5 years ago

    You really think it was a rocket?
    The government have always said stuff like this. Im not sure if its because they know something more, or just to protect us,
    But that thing in the sky, was clearly something not man made. It was not a rocket releasing chemicals. Its far to dangerous to do that. Nor was it a test rocket. Again its too dangerous.
    If it were a test rocket im sure they would have announced it beforehand.
    Rockets do not have huge lights. This appeared to have come from outside of the earth, if it was a rocket people would have seen it taking off.
    Im not sure if it was "aliens" but it definatly was not man made.
    Think what you think, no matter what you think you will never get a answer.
    Dont live wondering, live exploring!

  • Daylan - 5 years ago

    It wasn't a missile if it was ask your self this "why would they launch something active and dangerous around civilization what would of happened if it all went wrong and actually hit us instead?" Don't really know if it was a UFO but definitely wasn't man made. Government has secrets and this one a lot of people witnessed before best explain that sill hasn't been explained the light over Jerusalem caught in 6 different angles, by different people and different locations around and near that temple. Missile? Yeah.sure a missile without noise or warning? At least make a more of a believable story to cover it up its getting old and all the real good questions unanswered.

  • nick - 5 years ago

    Even if it was a missle which I personally belive it wasn't why would you test something like a missle anywhere near a populated area and why at night the government needs to release when and if they are testing these types of things that way if it wasn't announced then it wasnt the government

  • Paula - 5 years ago

    The government wants you to think that its a missle when it really probably was a Ufo.

  • Anndee - 5 years ago

    It'd be kinda ridiculous to think we are the only beings in the whole universe

  • Government official - 5 years ago

    It was just another duster missile that releases a chemical haze to help on population control.

  • ed - 5 years ago

    Government says its a missile test from the navy but i dont believe that......its a alien

  • Lekki - 5 years ago

    You know,
    You might be right

  • angela - 5 years ago

    I think it is not a ufo it is a missle

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