Would You Use The Train That Connects South To Central Florida?

Posted 3 years.

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  • Paul Ayala - 3 years ago

    This does not help us in any way. we already have a tri-rail system. What we dont have is ease of access in the city. I Miami we have one train line. Which means if you dont fall on it or are near it, getting around is still a hassle. We still need to drive and still need to wait traffic. What would be useful is a system of trains for the inner city. if you live in Miami then you know how congested the streets get during rush hour. A train from Miami to Orlando is not going to help this situation. our bus system is too complex and dirty. the metro mover is nice, but dirty. Our metro rail is a joke. One line? From where I live I would either have to to take an hour bus to get to the station or drive, so in turn what you guys are doing still wont help us. Know what you can do for the people, dont just think you know.

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