Who do you think won the Fox Business GOP debate?


  • Tuck - 7 years ago

    Rand Paul, in addition to showing Trump to be the bellicose fool that he is, clearly distinguished himself as the ONLY true fiscal conservative running for president. He made the clear distinctions between not only himself and the other GOP candidates, but his father's policies as well. A STRONG defense that is paid for, a brilliant tax plan, rolling back Obama's destructive energy and immigration policies while having reasonable foreign policy for a change and the bonus is a REAL doctor running health care. Plus, his appeal stretches further into independents and even some democrat territory than any other GOP candidate for the general election. This is why the media shuns him because he's the liberals worst nightmare and the BEST candidate for the republicans grassroots as he doesn't kowtow to the left or the right's party bosses either.

  • Vicki - 7 years ago

    I thought that Rand Paul did a nice job. I agree with the positive comments about Donald Trump. I would also add that I saw that he can be strong when he needs to be and willing to negotiate from a position of strength. He will surround himself with the best and the brightest advisors.

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