Whose album will hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200?

  • Sarah D'silva - 6 years ago

    One Direction! D'uh! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • MJ - 6 years ago

    I feel like Justin has written a lot of good songs that you could listen to over and over again. And the same thing goes for 1D. However I feel like Justins song is for a broader audience. 1D have made good songs too and I am a fan of both. The difference for me it that I know my friends and classmates will have more songs in common of Justins than with 1D. I feel like their songs are more meant for people who are really in to that kind of music where as to Justin one could have a totally different musictast than another and still like the same song of Justins.

  • Fana - 6 years ago

    justin will win this for sure

  • Fana - 6 years ago

    Think as logic as you can, i mean, 1D is a BAND and justin is SINGER that's show a lot of differences. For example the fans; 1D have 4 member and each one of them might have thousands or hundred thousands fans, so when we add all the fans together it can almost million or maybe more anddd justin is a solo singer and have even more fans than 1D, so i hope u guys know what im talking about

  • Fana - 6 years ago

    People said that 1D songs are great and the lyrics are telling a story, yes they were great but i dont think so that the lyrics are actually has a meaning i mean like, the lyrics didnt tell a story at all. If you listen to all justins songs, and read the lyrics carefully, you'll know what i mean


    Made in the a.m. All the freaking wAy!the album is just so freaking amazing I can't even think straight (p.s. Larry will rise)

  • Justin'sFan - 6 years ago

    Justin is going to get that #1

  • Mrs.styles - 6 years ago

    One direction all the freaking way! As a DIRECTIONER I support 1D no matter what I am 1DAF I honestly do not like Justin bieber at all because he treats his fans like crap!MITAN is such an amazing album and I know the boys tried they're hardest on this album. They do not care who's album sales the most they just care if the fans love it they said that with their own words!so definately 1D all the way ( and if u are a DIRECTIONER u understand me)

  • Jhermae - 6 years ago

    One Direction is the best forever.

  • alison - 6 years ago


  • pixie - 6 years ago

    1D 1D 1D ❤

  • Diana Williams - 6 years ago

    Isn't it obvious..
    1D af!

  • PARIS - 6 years ago


  • PARIS - 6 years ago


  • Saanya - 6 years ago


  • Nitin Sharma - 6 years ago

    Justin bieber is best artist in world

  • malisa - 6 years ago

    justin did a good job...i mean he fell in his journey but stood up even if people was hatEing him, he is now strong he deserves respect.
    but i liked made in the a.m. noOO i LOVE madeintheam and ONE DIRECTION ..........


  • assra edward styles - 6 years ago

    one direction must WIN
    THEY ARE GOOD all the way

  • Anurit - 6 years ago

    Of course it's Justin, he is the BEST

  • Bani - 6 years ago

    In all these years 1D has evolved....n u can feel it in thier new album...with matured lyrics, geart sound and diverse music i must say...each song has a hidden story n that is what makes d album worth listening to...hence i would go with one direction...but Justin did well to!

  • Nicole - 6 years ago

    Some friends who doesn't like 1D think amazing things about the new album, also some of these friends bought the album because they says that is a god job

  • Nicole - 6 years ago

    Obviously 1D they're killed, everyone's listen Made in the AM.
    It's everything that you want, emotional songs, wild songs, love songs, and more.
    Really, I hear all day the album and I am not tired yet.
    Congrats lads

  • nicole - 6 years ago

    1D obviously! One direction has so many FANTASTIC songs. JB may be ok but 1D is Amazing. They won all the way!

  • Luzy Pesina - 6 years ago


  • lily - 6 years ago

    It's so funny that people always call 1D fans as 12 year olds. I am 23 years old and I started being a fan when I was 19. All people grow up lol. And don't say the songs on MITAM is for 12yr olds. If you will hear the songs, it is better than those in Purpose. I like 3 songs I think on Bieber's but some songs there have the same beat! Go on Twitter and you'll see people(not 1D fans) choosing MITAM because the songs are good.

  • ALISA - 6 years ago

    Biebs allll the wayyyyyy..bcux 1D sucks..
    atleast bieber songs make some sense and 1D just have 12 years old fans who don't even what is music.. SO ill go with the BIEBS

  • Anthony - 6 years ago

    Justin without a doubt he has more songs selling more on the iTunes chart which is a huge indicator of which is selling more!

  • LindaSTMPH - 6 years ago

    1D obviusly !!!!

  • Janice Grant - 6 years ago

    Not a fan of either but bought the 1D album for my granddaughter and listened to it to see what all the fuss was about and I have to say was really surprised. This isn't what I expected from 1D and really enjoyed the variety of songs and the words are truly meaningful. As it's there last for a while I think they deserve to get the number 1 spot.

  • Love 1D - 6 years ago

    Love 1D great songs love em alllll and justin is just .......eh but anyway good luck both xxxxxxxx

  • Kathryn - 6 years ago

    Justin Bieber's album deserves a Grammy and I have not liked him at all and was a huge one direction fan from the beginning but I have so much more respect for Justin now that he found Jesus and his album has proved that. I cried while listening. So 1d but after your 3rs album you went down hill

  • Nevaeh - 6 years ago

    Omg I've been crying all day today. One direction alllllllllll the way baby

  • Kendra - 6 years ago

    been a Directioner since the beginning and i gotta say, 1D won this one. Their lyrics are more improved and Justins..eh. He's been gone for a while and i think he should practice writing again and THEN doing his album. I'm just saying but anyways, good luck to both of the xx

  • Alesha Kinlan - 6 years ago

    One direction always x4 baes xx

  • Jennifer - 6 years ago

    One Direction all the way... our fandom should not have any conflict because of this TBH because billboard is always trying to make conflict

  • faria - 6 years ago

    I am a die-hard BELIEBER from pakistan so...AND for sure he will win this thing tbh .... justiiiiiiiiiiiiin i love you sooooooooooo much.plzz tweet somethin about your PAKISTANI beliebers .... we love yah.. #OurJustin

  • randomly - 6 years ago

    Biebs has more chances bc he is more relevant and all of his songs r meaningful.. not a fan of anyone..... but ill go with the biebs

  • :) - 6 years ago

    Justins new album is really good and it makes you wanna dance, but Made in the AM makes me actually feel something. Not a fan but I loved what they did, directioners must be beyond proud xx

  • :) - 6 years ago

    Justins new album is really good and it makes you wanna dance, but Made in the AM makes me actually feel something. Not a fan but I loved what they did, directioners must be beyond proud xx

  • fana - 6 years ago

    Im a belieber so ofc justin will win this and i have to say this to all the directioners ; you guys are actually in love with their "songs" but does the lyrics are meaningful to life? Idk its a yes or no but if you listen to all justin's songs in purpose(not just purpose actually), the lyrics show who he is, the lyrics are telling a story of him. So im not going to hate anyone but just wanna remind you that you can see justin's effort in making this album after 3 years of his break.

  • SG - 6 years ago

    ONE DIRECTION definitivamente. Soy Directioner y este álbum se nota la madurez de sus voces y letras, los distintos sonidos q mezclan es una perfecta combinación y el estilo q han marcado para este álbum es INCREIBLE.

  • jennifer angsin - 6 years ago

    Am a directioner but justin bieber has more audience than 1D does..so he's gonna win

  • Ciara - 6 years ago

    I prefer 1D because I for one is a massive 1D fan and they need all the attention they get because this is going to be their last album for a few years. And Justin Bieber his songs are all the same he doesn't deserve this, 1D does!!

  • alena spechyia - 6 years ago

    don't like any of them but tbh justin's gonna win bc justin has many advantages like he is "Bieber" so everyone would listen to his music more than 1D ...

  • Nickole - 6 years ago

    Yo definitivamente voto por ONE DIRECTION, si lo notan han madurado muchísimo en un año, las personas piensan que es solo para ganar dinero o fama, pero yo lo veo que es para ganarnos a nosotros/as, para hacernos feliz, después de lo de la salida de zayn siento que ha sido más difícil para ellos, ya que después de 5 años de estar acostumbrados a estar juntos y después de un momento a otro zayn se vaya creo que ha sido muy difícil para todos, pienso que solo quieren complacernos. Así que vamos! Made In the A.M. puede con esto. Y si no lo logramos, igual estaré agradecida por este hermoso álbum.

  • Gabriela - 6 years ago

    Hi!! Of Ciurse Made In The AM #Oneditection The Boys Must Be In Grammy's And Of Course WIN!! #1DMITTAM All the Love Babes!!

  • Fia - 6 years ago

    One Direction by far. MITAM is amazing, and Justin's album is like the same tone in all the songs, just different name..

  • FAIZA - 6 years ago

    tbh am a directioner but i think that justin's gonna win this thing but not the hearts as 1D won ours

  • Eric - 6 years ago

    I believe that Justin will win. A huge advantage that he has is the fact that a lot of people have been waiting for his "comeback" so he has that going for him. He also has multiple people featured on the album, something One Direction lacks. I believe One direction will sell around 340k, with Justin selling around 400k

  • faiza - 6 years ago

    Bieber all the way

  • I love you 1d. - 6 years ago

    I'm a HUGE 1d fan but tbh, I think Jb Is gonna "win" in sales. But He won't win the real thing. 1d has the most dedicated fans ever and that's what's more important. Because they won my heart.

  • Yara Qais - 6 years ago

    One direction for sure they deserve it

  • Yara Qais - 6 years ago

    One direction for sure they deserve it

  • Gwen - 6 years ago

    Is a silly thing say that one album deserve more this than the other. Really? I think that both worked so much and both deseve this, but I prefer Made in the Am but its my opinion I don't like say that Justin not deserve this . Great job both!
    Love you 1D very proud XXOO

  • Sonya - 6 years ago

    Im not saying this as a fan. But really Made In The A.M. is better sounding. Plus the songs have their own meaning. It's like each song takes you ob this ride of emotions. And you can seriously relates to the lyrics. And the album has got variety. So I would choose MITAM because in all honesty it's better than Purpose. Even if peoplr say JB worked on his album for 3 years. I think MITAM is the one which takes the win.

  • christine - 6 years ago

    The album.made in the A.M is very beautiful ❤❤ are the best

  • Anik - 6 years ago

    I'm a katycat. Anik from Bangladesh Purpose is a different kinda album i admire that but MITAM wins in this race bcz their album is more better. Sorry bieber.

  • Cath - 6 years ago

    One directions album Made in the am is the bestest

  • Ching - 6 years ago

    One Direction is best

  • Kayla - 6 years ago

    Made in the A.M. is the strongest album out of all 5 it proves to the people who doubted them after the events and struggles they've been through as a band and it really showcases their talent. I think I speak for the whole fandom when I say they have made us the proudest fans ever, and though it's going to be hard, we are happy that they are finally getting their well deserved break. So we are very very proud of you boys!!

  • Kayla - 6 years ago

    Made in the A.M. is the strongest album out of all 5 it proves to the people who doubted them after the events and struggles they've been through as a band and it really showcases their talent. I think I speak for the whole fandom when I say they have made us the proudest fans ever, and though it's going to be hard, we are happy that they are finally getting their well deserved break. So we are very very proud of you boys!!

  • MadeInTheAM - 6 years ago

    I've listened to both albums I've seen many tweets about it. I think One Direction wins this, all of their song are different you can see the variety between songs. Justin's songs are a the same beat, have the same sound, it doesn't even have real instruments. Justin's album was made for the radio, One Directions was made for the fans. I don't think Justin deserves this, how much trouble has he gotten into, he let the fame get into his head, he's been to jail for goodness sake! After all One Direction has done for the industry and the fans they deserve to be top for the last time

  • meeee - 6 years ago

    MITAM has a lot of variety, but purpose has a lot of the same sounding music. Made in the AM is difficult to find my favorite song because they're all so different. Purpose has a lot of collaborations, so I t will be difficult to see who will win. justin is returning from a break and 1D is going to take a break. even though justin is #1 on iTunes, doesn't mean he's #1 on other charts

  • Lucy - 6 years ago

    I'm a belieber here, Justin on purpose is the best, one direction don't deserve this, all try want is money and don't care about their fans, Justin does, he worked for 3 years on this album, so come guys please vote Justin for the No.1 billboard one direction can go away, please vote for Justin Bieber he will deserves it! Thank you-Lucy.

  • N - 6 years ago

    Justin deserves this. It's been 3 years since his last album. He's coming back from a dark and rough time. He is showing the world that he's not the same and he changed and he puts his heart and soul in these songs. His lyrics are beautifully written and speaks to what he's been going through. He's human like all of us and deserves a second chance.

  • Julia - 6 years ago

    I'm not a fan of either, but I listened to both of the albums, and gotta say One Direction's album is the winner here. Their new music is lyrically improved and their new sound is amazing. It's truly beautiful how I can relate to their songs on personal experience. Justin's album is great, but not that huge of a deal. Most of his songs are the same beat and repetitive he could've done better. I've only enjoyed 4 of his songs. It was really difficult to pick a favorite song from One Direction's album. They did an absolutely great job with this album. I'll have to pick One Direction, great job boys keep up the good work!

  • mimiy - 6 years ago

    One Direction. Cause WHY NOT?!!
    tbh, at first i dont really like them, but LOOK AT ME NOW!!! so yeahh. Im so pumped!

  • Marihan - 6 years ago

    Justin bieber is a solo artist and he owns the world. He deserves this. He did this. Not for himself but his beliebers. I love him. Forever

  • ArgentinaPiolaVosNo - 6 years ago


  • Dany - 6 years ago

    Justin may be leading on iTunes but he does have less ratings then 1D AND he was way more 1 star ratings than the boys plus his album only has like 3 good songs and they all sound the same AND his songs are SOOOO full of himself... SO YEAH ONE DIRECTION!

  • jessie - 6 years ago

    Tbh, you can hear variety on MITAM. Some songs on Bieber's have the same beat. And he has so many collaborations and I think it is overproduced? 1d's new songs are actually good. Not anymore the bubblegum pop that I hated about them in the first place. Glad they have much better music now.

  • Rosa - 6 years ago

    Justin, I mean looks who's leading in the iTunes Charts. Yikes..

  • Sadie Holfeltz - 6 years ago

    1D all the way

  • @CiindyStyles1D - 6 years ago

    One Direction is the best...
    Up All Night
    Take Me Home
    Midnight Memories
    and now... Made In The A.M!!!

  • Cindy - 6 years ago


  • Paulina Stylinson - 6 years ago

    One Direccion! Tiene que ganar voten plis es su ultimo álbum

  • gretch - 6 years ago

    1D ofcourse

  • Larabf1@icloud.com - 6 years ago

    One direction, of course.

  • tommo - 6 years ago


  • Alexandra - 6 years ago

    Justin King of Versatility Weave Snatcher Falsetto King Harmonizing God Bieber will get it for sure!

  • Lindsey - 6 years ago

    I am a fan of both Justin and One Direction however, since this is One Direction's last album for a few years I think the fans might push it to number 1 to prove their dedication and show the boys that they will stick with them during the hiatus.

  • Lillie - 6 years ago

    Honestly their best album yet!!!

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