SPEAK UP: Can smart stoplights alleviate traffic? YESTERDAY'S: WIll Marist's women's basketball team win its league title? 51 YES, 53 NO

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  • Ralph Pettorossi - 4 years ago

    Erik, there is a blaring horn..........mine. Anyone caught texting or talking on their cell should have it confiscated until their court appearance.

  • Emma - 4 years ago

    I voted yes but with tongue-in-cheek. They installed the roundabouts on Rt 55 to alleviate traffic. Before installation, my traffic alert app (read before leaving home...no, not in the car) indicated a morning 6-8 min delay on Rt 55. After roundabout installation, my traffic alert app indicates a 6-8 min delay.

  • Erik K - 4 years ago

    Perhaps a blaring horn should go off when lights turn from red to green, alerting texters to look back up at the road and move forward.

  • Rod Kemp - 4 years ago

    If they have lasers that vaporize cars, then I'm going to go with "yes", I think they can help.

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